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TED-Synth is an innovative synthesizer based on synchronised modulation.

Comes in 2 versions.
  • Synth has an Information button in the center of the VST that shows Control Labels.Synth is Dual Osc each with their own PhaseModulator Osc (4 total) (Stereo).
  • Basic is a Single Osc with a its own PhaseModulator Osc (2 total) (Mono).
  • Tooltips appear if you hover over a Control.
  • There is Vibrato set on ModWheel.
  • Envelopes, Portamento and LFO's are given in Musical Measure.
mnrv-ovrf-year-c Feb 13 2023
Feb 13 2023
Just play a simple arpeggio while moving around that joystick on the right-hand side. I'd do more music that way. I'm envious at those people who have expensive MIDI controllers, at least a joystick, and be able to play with this one all day. It's what I want to do instead of using a freeware tracker which forces me to make one event per parameter per track which makes it impossible to change any joystick in real time. It's what I want to do instead of my outdated copy of RENOISE which *has* an X-Y pad thingie and ability to map to a joystick of this plug-in but no way to place it anywhere except the bottom of the screen where it's uncomfortable for me.
Lopyt_Music Apr 07 2020
Apr 07 2020
I make music, but I never coded anything before. How difficult would it be to make a simple modular synth with FM capability and a bitcrusher?
Theo Feb 19 2020
Feb 19 2020
Fantastic synth, good job ;) I like it, i like it
Koz Mar 08 2019
(4 / 5)
Mar 08 2019
Liking this format. I'm trying to find info on the TED Tools as well though. Some of them, the Gater, Key Delay, Key Filter and Key RingMod are loading into my Studio One DAW as Instruments not effects.
Ted Mar 13 2019
Mar 13 2019
Yeah, vsti's can pass audio through them (for things like vocoders etc..) so however your DAW handles that. In zynewave podium you create a group track with child tracks and put the plugin on the parent group track, for example. basically route audio through it
Sweeperman Mar 14 2019
Mar 14 2019
Yeah, it took me a while to work that one out as well. When you buy a soft synth with an 'FX' version, you load it on to a track as you would a synth, then create an audio track with the sound source on it, and route the audio from that track to the FX synth track. Many sidechain compressors also work like that. Only found out by spending many hours trying to route an electric guitar emulator through a VB3 rotary effect!
Sweeperman Feb 14 2019
(5 / 5)
Feb 14 2019
Fine little synth! Original interface. Would imagine this would be liked by those who favour those dubstep style wobbling basses, or for long sci fi synth sweeps. Full MIDI learn on it. TED was asking for suggestions for the synth. I'd consider adding a hi pass filter, some other effect where the Vintageizer is, and a preset recall and save on the VST itself. Sounds great, very deep and bassy!
Ted Mar 03 2019
Mar 03 2019
Well.. I did some of what you asked. I've added a polyphonic Highpass filter tuned to each played note and the slider scales with it. I've also added Noise. Fixed a a few things like bad controls and wrong automation names, also the resonance is improved. The Highpass filter you asked for was actually pretty useful as I noticed there was a DC offset in the output, the single pole Highpass is always on and cuts anything below the note. Another thing I did was make the Sine and Triangle LFO waveforms phase offset by 90 degrees so the peaks are on the right beat. With presets... vst3 delegates that to the host environment, there is an experimental beta patch loader for Synthedit but i wont use it. Most hosts have a program save/load function that creates .fxp files, I tested it and it works. Also I just noticed this after 5 or so years owning a copy of Synthedit... you can hold down control to get better precision on controls... what the hell. anyway. Updates are here: https://1drv.ms/f/s!As6TXCmIdMPpkyBGm8PTG_6WmZ1i
Sweeperman Mar 09 2019
Mar 09 2019
Thank you ever so much for the updates. The bass is so deep on this synth, gonna use it to make a bassline, and with the HP filter it can be controlled a little. Thanks again for your efforts. You've improved an already good idea
Ted Feb 12 2019
Feb 12 2019
A link to the most up to date version of this plugin will be in the description of the YouTube video. I'm doing this so if there's problems/bugs I can fix them. Also things people dislike or features/ideas people might like to see added just ask :) ..constructive criticism please. Do keep in mind I'm busy with UNI so don't expect timeliness.
Rodrigo Jan 28 2019
Jan 28 2019
Looks interesting, sounds nice. But... only 32-bit?
Ted Jan 30 2019
Jan 30 2019
Yeah sorry man... SynthEdit does export 64 bit and .vst3 plugins but for some reason they had no sound or GUI, just a blank plugin window, I'm looking into it... maybe it's something I did wrong.
Rodrigo Jan 31 2019
Jan 31 2019
Keep doing, it's a good plugin.
Existentia Jan 27 2019
(4 / 5)
Jan 27 2019
It's got sounds you don't get from 99% of the other plugins, but it does take a minute or so to get used to how to get them out.