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Win64 OSX
Emulator I is a rompler featuring the famous E-mu sampler soundbank.
  • 58 E-Mu Emulator I disks, including Drums set.
  • Recorded from a real Emulator I.
  • Manually re-cut and looped.
  • ADSR.
  • Filter Cutoff / Emphasis + ADR Envelope.
  • 1 sine LFO, amount on tune and filter.
  • Chorus, mono/poly, master tune.
WARNING: You have to install VC runtimes c++ 2015 to make the software works (WINDOWS) https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=53587
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Anonymous Oct 24 2023
Oct 24 2023
Having issues installing this on mac - running Monterey on an M1
Spectrum Evolution Sep 22 2023
(4 / 5)
Sep 22 2023
This synth plugin is definitely cool, especially the "Synclavier 2" preset. However, there is one small glitch when used in Logic Pro: when I open up a Logic Pro project that uses the Emulator I, it oftentimes resets to "0 Bass".
jonis Feb 24 2023
(5 / 5)
Feb 24 2023
I love it
Modlutrlator Sep 12 2022
(3 / 5)
Sep 12 2022
A nice rompler curiosity for some of those iconic 80s sounds. One of the drum loops seems to have been played on the Bade Runner soundtrack. Forgot which it was. Anyway, it plays during the dance show of Salome. Always thought that was a nice early slow-tempo electronic dance track and figured the drums came from a TR808 or other vintage drumbox.
Василий Петрович Mar 16 2022
Mar 16 2022
Низкоуровневый плагин, зачем вы выкладываете всякий навоз?
Dino G Oct 28 2021
(5 / 5)
Oct 28 2021
The Emulator I is truly an 80's machine and I really do enjoy this plugin cause it has inspired me a lot. The drums are actually insane and should be put some sort of drum sample hall of fame fr.
John Burns Aug 01 2021
(3 / 5)
Aug 01 2021
Kind of cool but also a bit thin and crappy and limited. Use it to play some sustained chords with the flute or the voices and it's a really quirky sound but probably not one you'd feel compelled to reach for very often.
Igor CeBarros Aug 31 2020
(1 / 5)
Aug 31 2020
Okay, this vst must be redone without the Visual Runtime stuff etc. I have the latest Windows and everything else, the plugin is the ONLY ONE that CRASHES my Cakewalk, and the installers from Microsoft tell the libraries can't be installed, maybe because of newer ones on my computer. And these sounds still are missing from other plugins :/
kgm Feb 04 2020
Feb 04 2020
Not seeing it in Mac
The Music Wizard Oct 01 2019
Oct 01 2019
Awwwww this won't work in OpenMPT and I NEED those sounds!
Thanos Aug 06 2019
(5 / 5)
Aug 06 2019
Very nice! Thanks!
Niels Feb 17 2019
Feb 17 2019
Can anyone help me with the vc runtime part, i have downloaded it but i don't know what the next step is. Thank you in advance.
Niels Feb 20 2019
Feb 20 2019
Got it working. When will the Emulator 2 and 3 arrive?
The Fixer Feb 20 2019
Feb 20 2019
Just install the plugin after that, no need to do anything else.
PM Feb 10 2019
(5 / 5)
Feb 10 2019
Looks cool but I would love to get the wav samples for playing them with samplers like Shortcircuit or TX16Wx. Thanks for the freebie!
MAK Feb 03 2019
Feb 03 2019
I also use win7x64sp1, VSTHOST and PODIUM FREE could be used without problems. Others are unconfirmed. Is there any compatibility?
XPLSV Feb 01 2019
(3 / 5)
Feb 01 2019
This hs Pet Shop Boys written all over :)
Phatso Feb 01 2019
(5 / 5)
Feb 01 2019
Nice emulation for those early sampled sounds, kind of Fairlighty, cool. Thank you DSE
alien Jan 30 2019
Jan 30 2019
I like the idea of this plugin, but it's crashing reaper and other test hosts every time. I even reinstalled said runtime. win7x64sp1`+ reaper5.963
mf Jan 27 2019
Jan 27 2019
Both versions crash immediately (Reaper Win x64)
AtmanActive Jan 28 2019
Jan 28 2019
Which windows version are you using? It works perfectly well for me on Win7 SP1 x64, Reaper x64 v5.965, all plugins bridged.
MAK Jan 27 2019
(3 / 5)
Jan 27 2019
The sound quality is not good, but I enjoyed it as it was. In some cases, there may be sounds that can be used.
Ambrozius Jan 26 2019
(5 / 5)
Jan 26 2019
Excellent plugin! But in FL studio resets to the first preset "Bell" after closing the window!