by Safwan Matni
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A dynamic Baglama VSTi with quarter tones.
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elsa Mar 18 2023
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Mar 18 2023
This is a Turkish instrument. The Greek instrument does not have quarter tones and whilst Greeks might have invented music theory (did they, though?) they did not invent maqam with quarter tones. I belong to neither country but I prefer Turkish melody (and West African rhythm) by a country mile. Regarding the VST, this needs to be redone and recorded again because when you get into the lower tones, the attack is too strong. Please recreate this VST but paying attention to the recordings of the attack/envelope of the sound. Yes you can change the attack in the VST but if the underlying sound was poorly recorded, it will take a lot of EQ of each individual note (which nobody should have to do). I've been using it for nearly a decade but surely someone could have created something better by now?
جميل جدا May 20 2020
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May 20 2020
جميل جدا
Mostel Apr 28 2015
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Apr 28 2015
I play baglama saz, chogur saz and divan saz. This sounds nothing like them.
rami Oct 15 2014
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Oct 15 2014
It is very good
Green Cow Aug 04 2014
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Aug 04 2014
The sound is VERY poor! I play many actual Eastern instruments & this... simply isn't any good at all! I have a piano VST that came with my DAW, that can actually do a far better Baglama sound than this
Sphongled Jul 17 2013
Jul 17 2013
GREAT!!! Finally I can make psychedelic trance with baglama :D
odysseus Mar 18 2013
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Mar 18 2013
Not the best vsti but if you are so desperate, it can be used.
janice Sept 19 2012
Sept 19 2012
It doesn't sound like the real thing. It's not light enough but it's not bad. Can you improve it?
Anonymous Aug 21 2012
Aug 21 2012
Maybe it doesn't sound 100% like the real thing, but at least to my ears it sounds good, and it has quarter tones! That's great!
Andromeda Jun 28 2012
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Jun 28 2012
Of course baglama (saz) is Turkish instrument PERIOD!!! By the way trust me baglama sound not like that. I don't like this vst because sound like rubber band guitar with vibrato fx :(
Anonymous Jun 16 2012
(4 / 5)
Jun 16 2012
Bağlama is Turkish instrument. Cahit Berkay, Aşık Veysel are good players.
KevRAW Jul 14 2011
(5 / 5)
Jul 14 2011
Simple as a single instrument has to be. Sounds great. Quatertone addition is a very nice feature. Well done & Thanks for that one.
Nirmal May 30 2011
May 30 2011
Can you give me some idea about this instrument??? Where it originates????
TURKISHMAN Jun 28 2011
Jun 28 2011
Mr. Nirmal, this is Turkish music instrument !
RedOnemusicproducer Aug 30 2011
Aug 30 2011
No this is Armenian instrument.
Bosnian Nov 11 2011
Nov 11 2011 . It says alot about Turkey, but nothing about Armenia... funny... Its balkan instrument, mainly in bosnia, turkey, but uses in near regions too. Not armenian.
ufo Sept 18 2013
Sept 18 2013
Hi guys, you're all right and wrong at the same time. The instrument has no national belonging. It's like saying that tomatoes are spanish just because there is some good tomatoes in spain. The word baglama is turkish and means "tie". It referes to the frets beeing tied to the neck of the instrument. You can find this instrument or related instruments (such as Bouzouki, Dutar, Tar, Tanbura...) originating from central asia.
Haluk Oct 03 2013
Oct 03 2013
This is an Anatolian instrument, and it's used by Turks and Armenians and other people around the area. It belongs to lovers and poets not nationals. Forget about what Armenian church and Turkish nationals say. We all belong to Anatolia as one being soil other as rock. And we utter the words of peace and wisdom with baglama.
Fidias Aug 23 2017
Aug 23 2017
The guitar that is the BASE of all instruments like baglama is Greek as all music theory and invention since and before Pythagoras that laid the foundation of music.
Ghekorg7 May 17 2010
(5 / 5)
May 17 2010
Greetings Safwan !! And bravo for this instrument. I waited so long for a good baglama. Thank you guys.
jess salvilla Sept 17 2009
(5 / 5)
Sept 17 2009
Excellent. Useful to my composition.
lansed May 17 2009
(5 / 5)
May 17 2009
Great vst.... Does the eastern sounding thing real good.
albaghdady Apr 24 2009
(5 / 5)
Apr 24 2009
جميل جدا