Yumaha CS-153
by KBplugs
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Yumaha CS-153 is a Yamaha CS series emulation.

It is Called 153 because it incorporates a number of features and functions from the CS-30L. Re-imagined it with a brushed copper panel and Bakelite knobs. 

Also in a version with oscillators inspired by those in the GX-1, and a filter like that used in GX-1 and CS-80 - CS153g, and CS-153k which has dynamic crossfading waveforms and filters that crossfade through LP>BP>HP>BR>LP, like the ElectroComp EML 100.
Diter Jan 17 2020
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Jan 17 2020
А где прессеты на него?
Mack Nov 03 2019
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Nov 03 2019
Amazing VST!