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E87 is a 6-band equalizer featuring Color and Saturation knobs.

It was developed for one purpose: to provide a discreet and transparent equalization with the character options.

The "Color" function is not "based on" or an imitation of a similar machine. We used a house script associated with "hardware" machine (linear pulse) to feel the effect of the analog alone can give us. We also added a "saturation" effect, which is a digital saturation. Both effects combine to perfection.
  • High quality equalizer, very transparent.
  • Button "Color" for adding analog character to your audio tracks.
  • Button "Saturation" to add a digital saturation.
  • Very low CPU consumption.
Pete Jul 07 2019
(0 / 5)
Jul 07 2019
It just keeps fading in and out, can't use it for anyhting
AtmanActive Nov 28 2018
(5 / 5)
Nov 28 2018
After some initial bugs and problems, the plugin is finally working correctly now, and, yes, it's awesome and it does deserve five stars.
Benny Black Dec 05 2018
Dec 05 2018
Still fades in and out
Burgo Nov 26 2018
(3 / 5)
Nov 26 2018
I think this plugin is getting a bad rap and it is uneccesary. I have got no drop outs in audio and i find it to be a good eq. I like to colour knob a lot and while the saturation knob may seem heavy heanded it does sound good so just use less of it. I use a lot of great eqs from Mcdsp, waves and Overloud and this does not seem out of place in my plugin folder.
Frank Nov 09 2018
(1 / 5)
Nov 09 2018
Whatever Nov 07 2018
Nov 07 2018
v2.0.1 resolve the signal fades issue :)
AtmanActive Nov 11 2018
Nov 11 2018
Still broken in Reaper x64. Or maybe it's not broken, but a demo version. It sounds like a demo version, introducing unwanted faded interruptions into the signal.
Zak Nov 07 2018
Nov 07 2018
Good potential, but unusable in its current state. 6 bands a nice, the color function is cool. The Saturation function is a bit heavy-handed. But this isn't a complete plugin in its current status. The fact the signal fades in and out makes the plugin unusable. A shame, it would be cool if it was complete.