by Bakuage
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MinusDelay is a compensation delay featuring negative values.

Normal delay plugins can delay the sound, but MinusDelay can bring forward the sound. It is based on "Delay Compensation" feature of DAW.

If you set a positive delay value, MinusDelay acts as a normal delay plugin. If you set a negative delay value, MinusDelay brings forward the sound using "Delay Compensation". Please note that your DAW's Delay Compensation has to be enabled to use this plugin.
Raven Sept 03 2019
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Sept 03 2019
SO useful for clap/snare and hats!!!
george Jul 10 2019
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Jul 10 2019
Display of delay time in miliseconds (or microseconds very needed!!!!!!
Hippokopter Nov 24 2018
Nov 24 2018
Does what it says it'll do. Just shifts the timing of the track. Works fine in Ableton 10 Suite, Win. 7, 64 bit.
AtmanActive Nov 03 2018
Nov 03 2018
Reaper has this built-in, in form of a JS plug-in called: "Time Adjustment Delay". The problem with this one is that it doesn't show the amount of delay applied as a number.
Mike Nov 01 2018
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Nov 01 2018
Found useless in cubase 9.5, could not achieve any delay or forward delay. I'm running at 3 ms of latency,so maybe that is why. Please give a demo vid.
Anonymous Oct 30 2018
Oct 30 2018
Intresting idea. Please give us a demo of application, thanx.
Anonymous Oct 31 2018
Oct 31 2018