by Bakuage
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MinusDelay is a compensation delay featuring negative values.

Normal delay plugins can delay the sound, but MinusDelay can bring forward the sound. It is based on "Delay Compensation" feature of DAW.

If you set a positive delay value, MinusDelay acts as a normal delay plugin. If you set a negative delay value, MinusDelay brings forward the sound using "Delay Compensation". Please note that your DAW's Delay Compensation has to be enabled to use this plugin.
mnrv-ovrf-year-c Jul 29 2022
Jul 29 2022
Positive values could work, but *negative* ... not in every program that is free. See if Psycle could do it without crashing. I don't think OpenMPT's sophistication goes that far. I'm often setting time forward (eg. with BL-Sampledelay or Sanford Delay) for a bunch of tracks except one because it's better than rendering tracks separately and then putting the song back together in clunky way in some other program. In REAPER yes use "JSFX/Time Adjustment" and nothing else and thank you and good night.
tommy Jul 11 2022
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Jul 11 2022
Blimey you actually did it! Whilst the GUI knob is utterly useless and the knob's movement sensitivity makes it literally impossible to select the correct time delay on the face of it, by expanding the VST controls in Ableton and assigning a macro to the parameter with a far smaller range, I managed to set it to -130 samples (-2.71ms) and then saved the plugin as a VST3 preset which I can now load with my often-used PSP Old Timer MB compressor which doesn't report its latency correctly and Bob's your uncle! The main reason this is so good is because all other latency compensation plugins I have found introduce a mandatory 10000 sample latency upon loading, regardless of the delay value you actually need, so whilst this is a pain to program initially, once you've done it, it's set-and-forget, only functioning with the desired delay you need to compensate for - very happy I found this!
Raven Sept 03 2019
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Sept 03 2019
SO useful for clap/snare and hats!!!
george Jul 10 2019
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Jul 10 2019
Display of delay time in miliseconds (or microseconds very needed!!!!!!
Hippokopter Nov 24 2018
Nov 24 2018
Does what it says it'll do. Just shifts the timing of the track. Works fine in Ableton 10 Suite, Win. 7, 64 bit.
AtmanActive Nov 03 2018
Nov 03 2018
Reaper has this built-in, in form of a JS plug-in called: "Time Adjustment Delay". The problem with this one is that it doesn't show the amount of delay applied as a number.
Mike Nov 01 2018
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Nov 01 2018
Found useless in cubase 9.5, could not achieve any delay or forward delay. I'm running at 3 ms of latency,so maybe that is why. Please give a demo vid.
Anonymous Oct 30 2018
Oct 30 2018
Intresting idea. Please give us a demo of application, thanx.
Anonymous Oct 31 2018
Oct 31 2018