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Win64 OSX
MonoFilters is a selection of 8 step sequencer filters.

MonoFilters are stereo versions of the filters from MonoChord, along with a 8 step filter sequencer, and your usual LFO etc type controls.  They are based on the k35 filter found in the MS20 & the Moog ladder filter.
gridsleep Oct 17 2018
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Oct 17 2018
The filters are OK. I may be doing something wrong but the sequencer in each appears not to be working.
Mark Oct 18 2018
Oct 18 2018
For the main filter make sure you have filter 1 destination set rather than the default setting of none. When set to none it has no effect. Also you have to press the play button or press play on your DAW
gridsleep Oct 18 2018
Oct 18 2018
Thank you. This is why your "manual" should be more than simply a brochure, which is what it is.
Anonymous Oct 15 2018
Oct 15 2018
Anyone having issues with Reaper get the new 1.1 version this should work ok.
nonimoz Oct 12 2018
Oct 12 2018
Did not load in reaper 5.96. Not even after rescan of plugins. I hope it gets fixed.
AtmanActive Oct 12 2018
(5 / 5)
Oct 12 2018
Wow. Awesome! This filter plugin is a work of art. Thank you MAEA!