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Win64 OSX
K3-V Extended is an advanced emulation of the Kawai K3 wavetable synthesizer.
  • 2 Wavetables Oscillators.
  • 32 original waveforms + 8 I created with the original K3.
  • 2 Additive Oscillators.
  • 16 Harmonics generators.
  • 2 Transients designers, for wavecrossing effects.
  • 2 Pitch EG with selectable phase.
  • 2 LFOs (Filter, Volume).
  • 2 ADSRs.
  • 3 Modes chorus.
  • Mono/Poly modes.
WARNING: You have to install VC runtimes c++ 2015 to make the software works (WINDOWS) :
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flh3 Jan 25 2024
Jan 25 2024
Doesn't pass Logic 10.8.1 validation
John Burns Sep 20 2022
(2 / 5)
Sep 20 2022
Looked OK but not many presets and not super clear how it works. Then it crashed my DAW. Boooooo.
DonnieDarkcore Aug 04 2021
(3 / 5)
Aug 04 2021
Does not have a lot of presets included although it's worth playing around with making your own and the sound quality coming out is alright.
marco Apr 19 2020
Apr 19 2020
Me encanta como suena pero no tendrán una vercion para 32
TV Jan 28 2020
Jan 28 2020
Agreed. Programming synths belongs more to the sound design domain than the music one, synths are complex machines and a lot of musicians aren't ready to put their mind into technical stuff when they should be creating music. Presets are great for inspiration and to get to understand synth parameters. (god is that "calling yourself a musician" argument such a terrible one)
ksavHOMEworks Nov 20 2019
(4 / 5)
Nov 20 2019
thanks 4 making and thanks 4 sharing (as for negative comments? fk dis mfs!!!
production lover Oct 28 2019
Oct 28 2019
Why is the plugin only outputting a "left eared" audio source? Does it not work in both ears for "stereo" recording?
lamster Sept 15 2019
(2 / 5)
Sept 15 2019
Close but wouldn't get rid of my K3
Hey64 Nov 06 2018
(5 / 5)
Nov 06 2018
Sounds a lot like my Korg DW8000!!!!
Frank64 Dec 29 2018
Dec 29 2018
Always suspected,digital raw powerful waveforms and powerful filters on the Korg. I also own a DW8000,and I can't wait to try this!!
functionform Oct 16 2018
(4 / 5)
Oct 16 2018
Very fun vst. Really kind of nailed the sound of it at a quick glance.
Lo Fi 80s Oct 08 2018
Oct 08 2018
Nice emulation! Thank you!
gridsleep Oct 06 2018
(5 / 5)
Oct 06 2018
Yep, sounds just like it. Poor man's D-50.
Anonymous Oct 06 2018
Oct 06 2018
We need more Presets ! :-)
gridsleep Oct 06 2018
Oct 06 2018
Then, get cracking! You call yourself a musician?
Martin Nov 06 2018
Nov 06 2018
lay off, that's a perfectly normal request. some like combing through presets. No need to be confrontational.
Frank O May 23 2019
May 23 2019
I agree with gridsleep, lol
Jennifer Aug 01 2019
Aug 01 2019
I agree with Martin. And Anon for that matter. No one expects a factory selection equivalent to Omnisphere, but a starter pack of some dozen basic presets (PWM, bell sound, synth brass, GM, etc...) can give you something to grapple onto and quickly get you into the motion of crafting your own presets, but also give you a glimpse of what the instrument is capable of... what it's strengths are (bells or brass?). I rarely use presets, but I find it tedious and uninspiring to program sounds entirely from ground-up. Many great musicians aren't programmers and you can hear that from a lot of 80s pop (think of the sound from Jackson's Beat It... think of DX-7!). Best of both worlds.
Giorgio Aug 12 2019
Aug 12 2019
I don't know if you meant to link the DX7 and the gong in Beat It, but fyi that sound came from the Synclavier's demonstration disc. But I agree: if some of the greatest writers in classic (pre-90s/00s) pop music never saw shame in settling on a preset for their sound, why should you?
Angel Gaviria Records Oct 03 2018
(5 / 5)
Oct 03 2018
Nice Replica!!!!!