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Ghost is a powerful spectrogram visualization and editing plugin.

Ghost provides a large set of features for visualizing and editing spectrograms:
  • Powerful and intuitive zoom, with adaptive level of detail.
  • Possibility to select any region of the spectrogram, and to play this region only.
  • File opening and saving (.wav and .aif).
  • Real time view mode, with scrolling spectrogram.
  • A set of 4 colormaps.
  • Brightness and contrast.
  • Options to display the corresponding waveform in addition to the spectrogram.
  • Choice between 2 interface sizes, small and medium.
  • Interactive mini view of the overall sound file.
  • Editing tools: cut.
  • Editing tool: gain increase or decrease of the selected region.
  • Undo mechanism.
John Nov 05 2021
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Nov 05 2021
This plugin crashes ableton. I'm guessing the devs dont care to fix it, as it looks like this bug has been present for a while.
bruh Mar 22 2024
Mar 22 2024
This is because the devs went out of business forever ago. Hope this helps!
FP Mar 13 2021
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Mar 13 2021
Can't get this to work. Ableton crashes every time.
DC Jul 29 2020
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Jul 29 2020
Stand Alone Version Would Not Start Up. Vst2 Vst3 Versions Were Detected By DAW Plugin Scan But Shown In Red Text Saying 'Not Activated' 'Unregistered' Which Is Consistent With A Paid Plugin Prior To Serial Number Entry & Software Registration I Use Tracktion 7 64
JT Mar 07 2020
Mar 07 2020
Not working, either as a plugin or standalone. Audio fails to load in AU, though the interface pops up when invoked. Audio loads in standalone, but will not playback. For plugin tried it on Mac Sierra with Amadeus Pro. Test file was a standard 44.1kHZ aif file.
gridsleep Jan 25 2019
Jan 25 2019
Most excellent plugin. Allows dragging clip box to hear part of the wave form. A thorough reading of the manual is recommended. The stand-alone works with files while the VST works with real-time audio stream.
Paul Mason Apr 08 2022
Apr 08 2022
Their site is down, and I could very much use a manual for Ghost. Do you happen to have a copy? My name, no spaces at paulmason.com will reach me.
DJ CESAR Oct 26 2018
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Oct 26 2018
Bad plugin :(
gridsleep Jan 25 2019
Jan 25 2019
Based on what? You're not being helpful.