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HPL2 is a professional binaural conversion technology HPL used by some Japanese label that produces high-quality high-resolution music when producing a sound source version for headphones.

By using this HPL2 Processor plug-in, you will be able to listen to the same mix-balanced sound as you listen to a 2-ch stereo sound source with a speaker, even with headphones or earphones.

Originally the music sound source is made to be comfortable for the speaker. Realizing with the headphones and the earphone without breaking the mix balance is very important to obtain the original sound. It is not an effector that adds something and makes it pleasant. It play original good sound correctly even with headphones and earphones.
Kirb y Oct 16 2021
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Oct 16 2021
Good free offering! I think jb isone is more accurate though, but this is a nice 64 bit alternative
Beats Jul 20 2020
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Jul 20 2020
Shocked. Thank you
zayed ghareib Apr 04 2020
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Apr 04 2020
Thank you
Z Mar 12 2020
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Mar 12 2020
Отличный. Повесить на мастер и забыть что он там висит. Первое время хочется выключить. С ним меньше лажи при работе в наушниках. ,Лучше переносимомть на мониторы. ,0
Cecco Oct 09 2018
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Oct 09 2018
Utile e carino plug in. Per mixare con le cuffie è molto utile
Evan Jul 03 2018
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Jul 03 2018
Good work, thanks!
Chris May 17 2018
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May 17 2018
Really great for getting different perspective on cans! Looking forward for using it for mixing with cans! Thx very much for the freebie!!! Good work!!!
acoustic field Feb 02 2018
Feb 02 2018
Please read our website before download this plugin. It is important you to know about the aim and some notes of this plugin. https://www.hpl-musicsource.com/software
Alex Jan 27 2018
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Jan 27 2018
good work!
David Jan 25 2018
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Jan 25 2018
Muito Bom..
heavymetalmixer Jan 23 2018
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Jan 23 2018
It seems like it's a crossfeed plugin with a beel cut and a LPF to simulate high frequency loss by distance, still the sound feels more "in your face" that desirable. X-Audio MyBino is more precise in this matter as it simulates distance in a different and more real way.