by MZA
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Exploder is a high gain amplifier.

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Ayame May 07 2020
May 07 2020
I'm a bit late to the party but - Miracles Happen, you mentioned your Atom CPU went ballistic? If I recall, Atom CPUs are very low end and will choke at most everything. On my Core 2 Quad Q8300 it did okay in some testing, but I don't know if we're just doing different things. I'm using Reaper on Windows 10 with 4GB DDR2 RAM.
Miracles Happen Apr 07 2019
Apr 07 2019
My intel atom CPU 4 core went completely ballistic as soon as I loaded the plug in. I assume this is really CPU intensive but if anyone else experience the same, please write it in the comments. However, the plug in loads without any issues in LMMS (Linux 64).
Robinson Carvajal Apr 29 2018
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Apr 29 2018
Simple beautiful and easy. Versatile great tool, very thanks for this!
Anonymous Feb 04 2018
Feb 04 2018
При новом запуске секвенсора не работает.
Василий. Jan 31 2018
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Jan 31 2018
Этот плагин действительно выдаёт отличный гитарный Metal.
Anonymous Dec 30 2017
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Dec 30 2017
This is a genious VST! First time you saw it you may thought: "Uh not another free amplifier VST..." but this one is something special, it has such a warm and Naturally beautifully sound *.* Belive me, try this one on any element, with some little tweaking, you will get the Instruments/Synth sounds like you wanted to.Thanks zo MZA , I look for more VST's of you Guys ;-)