PhatNoise Delay
by BurghRecords
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Win32 Win64
PhatNoise Delay is an old school type plugin which emulates the rich and thick sound of tape echo units from the 70’s, like the WEM copycat.

PhatNoise is designed with an extremely intuitive interface as it is intended to be the perfect inclusion for any beginners setup. Just start turning the dials through its intuitive interface, you will instantly be moulding and pressing the sound into the PhatNoise shape you want, with minimal effort.

PhatNoise is highly optimized, so CPU usage is minimal, allowing for multiple instances to be used in a project.
ALAF Nov 05 2017
(1 / 5)
Nov 05 2017
Does not save parameters to the Reaper after the project is reloaded.
Borlock Nov 02 2017
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Nov 02 2017
This does not sound at all like "tape echo units from the 70’s, like the WEM copycat". This plug-in sounds very cold and dry "COMPLETELY" digital. It has only three knobs and is very limited. My free delay that comes with REAPER (ReaDelay)is far superior and sounds better and has far more parameters. I am disappointed this plug-in (PhatNoise Delay) is being advertised basically as a thick and rich sounding tape delay, which it dose not sound like at all.
Antonio Nov 01 2017
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Nov 01 2017
12Mb is too heavy for what this pluging can do. Nothing special on the horizon.
ghettoguy Oct 25 2017
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Oct 25 2017
Not really impressive for a new plugin dev. More quality free plugin plz <3 <3
ksoundHOMErecs Oct 23 2017
(4 / 5)
Oct 23 2017
thanks 4 sweet sounding delay <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 MORE PLUGS PLZ :)
compyfox Oct 25 2017
Oct 25 2017
define "sweet" please.
Rick Autry Oct 23 2018
Oct 23 2018
'Sweet'. As in the taste of the grape FlavorAde right before the bitter almond of the cyanide.
Amhad Raffi Oct 21 2017
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Oct 21 2017
Nothing unique. The limitation makes this worse than my DAW's stock delay. And the fact that it took more than 10 MB for a simple delay is just...
russel Oct 20 2017
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Oct 20 2017
Vintage if you're living in the year... let's see, 2100? Don't be fooled, it sounds nothing like WEM copicat. Just a basic digital sounding delay.
brotherj Mar 19 2018
Mar 19 2018
I never liked copicats anyway, and i used to play a valve one in the 70s.