kawaChord2 free
by kawa
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Win32 Win64
kawaChord2 free is a MIDI chorder.

This free version is limited to triad chords.
  • 4 Editing Mode
  • Send MIDI Notes as Chord tones.
  • Place chords to tracks (some DAWs only).






Kwakwa May 01 2024
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May 01 2024
pozitivedi Sep 01 2020
Sep 01 2020
Triads only?? Chordz by Codefn42 is free... not much more to add. No one does triadz within their songs, except total beginners & even they can download 7th's,9th's...u went about dis wrooong way. There's such a 'bank' of VSTs & free midi files...it's like shooting urself in a foot. Just being honest...otherwise I wish u all good in dis 'jungle of plugins'
CHARLYMIDI Sept 12 2018
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Sept 12 2018
Look great and does right what is intended for, some interesting features but is rudely expensive compared to similar tools (further I pay $60 for Reaper, a full featured DAW with myriads of third party free similar MIDI tools) The limitation to triads in demo (are you crazy??) is also annoying since one feature my and many wanted to test before pay include tensions and altered chords performance in our owns systems (not youtube promos). Change that, turn down price to half at least and you will get 10x buyers . Kudos for the nice development work in any case!