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Win32 Win64 OSX
Rollamp is an authentic circuit guitar combo amplifier emulation.
  • 1×12 Type M cabinet.
  • Type 57 mic placed to cap edge.
  • Three valve models.
  • Class A power-amp.
  • Cabinet simulation that can be bypassed.
  • Calibrated input level to record guitar ITB.
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Ash Jan 29 2022
Jan 29 2022
How do you actually install it once you've downloaded the zip? I'm using Studio One BTW
Nelskie Oct 25 2021
(5 / 5)
Oct 25 2021
As several have already mentioned, this amp sounds dynamite with an outside IR. My 'go-to' setting for this amp VST is to run it through Two Note's Wall of Sound VST plug-in using the Vibro Utah 1x12 cabinet (Fender Vibrolux), mic'ed close on center with a Sennheiser 421, and the power amp section engaged with a single 6L6. Great all-around Fender Blackface tone, lovely break-up when you dig in, or back off the volume for a nice, round clean with a tight bottom end. Hat's off to Analog Obsesson for another fantastic free plug-in. This one will be seeing lots of action in my DAW.
James May 04 2021
(5 / 5)
May 04 2021
This is the only plugin I've found that does very mild overdrive without that digital 'crackle' most noticeable during chord decays as the sound cleans up. This one has a totally smooth transition between clean and dirty which until now was elusive without using a real valve amp. Finally I can get a decent garage rock/indie/blues tone ITB.
Ayame Aug 31 2020
(3 / 5)
Aug 31 2020
It's a decent amp in terms of tone, although I'd use my own IRs over the built in cab. My main gripe comes in when, every time I use this, after some time the audio will just stop, and no amount of changing settings, restarting the audio driver, or anything will make it work again. I just have to remove the plugin from the FX and add it back in, thus resetting my settings (although I could make a preset I suppose). If there's a fix for that issue please let me know! I'm on Reaper v5, x64, Windows 10.
BagmanOz Jun 16 2020
(4 / 5)
Jun 16 2020
Love this "Old Skool" feel. This is my GOTO guitar combo sound. Great VST.
HiBerg Jun 01 2019
(5 / 5)
Jun 01 2019
Incredible amp. And it's free. I am so excited with the fab tones I am achieving with this amp. Its my new sound. So thankful I stumbled upon it. HUGE THANK YOU to Analog Obsession.
DrScythe Aug 29 2017
(4 / 5)
Aug 29 2017
Want something quirky? Get it here! Two memos right away: use the Input knob (possibly repeatedly) and deactivate the cab in favor of some own IRs. Don't try to find something 'realistic' just trust your ears on this one. Yes you can get the barely clean tones out of it that you can control via volume knob (and depending on the Input setting via playing). But this thing really shines if you just turn up the drive, adjust Input and Tone and enjoy this slightly brittle and strange overdrive sound. It's not the type of sound you just play the background rhythm guitar with. No this is the melody that catches your attention and doesn't leave your ear for the next three days. And it doesn't have to be one of those flowing, elegant melodies; nope it's fine if you play a little staccato here and there and hit more than one string at a time... But wait that's not everything this thing can do for you! Throw a treblebooster in front of it, switch to the neck pickup and enjoy. Try a fuzz. Or, hold your breath, another instance of ROLLAMP with Tone fully turned up, Drive at noon (cab deactivated obviously). If this doesn't inspire you at all, your creativity is dead - no matter if you're using your sevenstring, jazz guitar, twangmonster...it's irresistable. Highly recommended (to those who want something different from time to time)!
Bloody Lamb May 29 2017
(5 / 5)
May 29 2017
Excellent :)) sounds pretty clean too if you go easy on the "drive" knob :))
Jimmy Hendrique May 29 2017
(0 / 5)
May 29 2017
So many useless space on the GUI.
Nick May 28 2017
(5 / 5)
May 28 2017
Great combo amp sim, very satisfying sound. It is very loud and indeed has a huge amount of bass when you load it for the first time. Just roll off what you don't need (maybe that's why they chose this name) and go! Great vst for some tasteful nastiness.
Faydit May 25 2017
(5 / 5)
May 25 2017
Really good sounding, especially the high frequencies and overtones. Huge amount of bass, maybe a little too much. Surprisingly good "in between" crunch sounds, which mostly are a problem with amp sims. One thing I do not like is the output/volume difference when deactivating the cabinet. Apart from output the tone also seems to lose some of it's transparency. Nevertheless a very good british sounding amp sim.