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GO-5p-l is an electromechanical organ.

GO-5p-l is a Grand Organ with 5 Partials and a Leslie style speaker effect. GO-5p-l can be used to produce sounds from classic tonewheel and transistor organs, think Hammond and Farfisa.

While the Hammond uses 9 drawbars this instrument only offers 5 (less CPU) but with the addition of other oscillator waveshapes then the pure Sine and the ability to tune the top 3 partials the sound possibilities are very wide.

The Overdrive and Rotary Speaker effects add the finishing touches to the Grand Organ sound.
David Nov 11 2019
(3 / 5)
Nov 11 2019
The distortion/amp sound is pretty cheezy and buzzy. Basically a decent organ, but for that cranked sound I'd look somewhere else, or wait for an update.
Benedict Nov 29 2019
Nov 29 2019
Thanks. This was made forever ago and there will be no updates. The Drive is a straight clipper so there will be no "art" to it.
Yoda Bum Oct 13 2019
(5 / 5)
Oct 13 2019
It has everything you need. Usable and cool.
Luke Jan 13 2019
Jan 13 2019
Dope stuff! simple U.I, abit dated but still good. Some great sounds capable with a versatile editor. Highly recommend!