by Ummet Ozcan
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Genesis is a 2 oscillators dual sequencer synth.
  • 2 oscillators.
  • 2 filters.
  • Dual sequencer.
  • 2 LFOs.
  • 2 ADSR output envelopes.
  • Effects: reverb, delay, 5-mode phaser, 3-mode distortion, frequency "Mod" (chorus / pseudo-bitcrunch).
  • Extreme 220 voice polyphony.
  • Sequencer commands a dedicated ADSR envelope using individual or grouped events.
  • LFOs sync to sequencer & have precision phase control & depth delay.
  • Additional formant/comb filter controlled from fixed, modulating or ADSR input.
  • Output ADSR envelopes can be linked or independent.
  • Osc2 can frequency-modulate Osc1 parallel to or instead of normal operaton.
  • Output boosted with 3-band equalizer.
justin roff Dec 25 2023
(5 / 5)
Dec 25 2023
So I've been downloading alot of synths from here and I have to say this synth is the best I have found, I have serum and a bunch of others, fl studio all plugins and genesis is my go to, great seq and leads as well as basss, this is really fkn good aye.
justin roff Dec 19 2023
(5 / 5)
Dec 19 2023
Great, powerful synth, great for hard tekrs
carlos Jan 23 2021
Jan 23 2021
Hola , cada vez que intento exportar una canción con este vst , cubase 5 se cierra. Alguien sabría decirme una solución a esto?
David Orjuela Jan 28 2022
Jan 28 2022
La salida del canal del synth envíala a un auxiliar o bus y creas un canal de audio y de entrada le das ese bus o auxiliar y grabado el sonido del synth
imstre Jun 01 2020
Jun 01 2020
Очень хороший звук! Спасибо
KVR forum member Mar 02 2020
(5 / 5)
Mar 02 2020
Who else is counting the hours until Genesis Pro is released? 12 March 2020, incoming...
Cajhmere May 21 2019
(5 / 5)
May 21 2019
I've never paid attention to this synth and THAT was a big mistake! Such a powerful sound and the cpu load seems to be kinda ok. I've just played around a bit now (basses) but I think this is the perfect partner fpr my Synth1. Sems to be the beast I was missing. I really hope it's stabile enough when it comes to more than one instances and doesn't crash.
rastaman Mar 06 2019
(5 / 5)
Mar 06 2019
Very nice!
STVRSZ Aug 29 2018
(5 / 5)
Aug 29 2018
Genesis is one of my FAVORITE free synths. It is powerful and compete with the likes of Sylenth1 in the mix. It has a fantastic reverb, a great delay, useful phaser and distortion, a nice clone/fm section which can be used for chorus or massive detune, many filter options, and a sequencer, eq section that rival many paid options. That being said, I wish that there was a tutorial. Things I have learned through trial and error: One must click on the text above the CM Logo box to access the sequencer - eq - gater, one must click on the small white light next to both the filter and the LFO to activate them and to make the synth MONO, one must simply turn the Port Knob. I had major problems with spikes in CPU when the synth loads into the sequence. It suffers from a bug in Synthedit. To prevent spikes, simply leave the synth window OPEN when rendering the track in all instances. Good luck. It is by far the best sounding synth on this site(except maybe Zebralette). It can sound vintage, but very modern as well.
Patrick Moore Jan 19 2018
(5 / 5)
Jan 19 2018
Devastating sound but not the easiest synth to program... Just finding the sequencer has defeated some users! (hint: gui text "Preset" is a dropdown). Another tricky thing is the distortion section... ½ of this is basic overdrive (soft/medium/hard, "Post" limits amplitude) but the other ½ is a frequency modulator ("Depth" + "Mod") which does everything from vibrato to complex noise texturing: amazing things possible.
Most Pallone Nov 18 2017
(5 / 5)
Nov 18 2017
Very nice Plug-In good work
Roar Apr 14 2017
(5 / 5)
Apr 14 2017