VSCO2 Rompler
by bigcat Instruments
4.4 / 5     (81 votes)
Win32 Win64 OSX
VSCO2 Rompler is a complete orchestral instruments rompler.

Includes over 2000 samples for 25 instruments with articulations and round-robin samples (depending of the instrument).

Samples were recorded by Versilian Studios / Sam Gossner.

Note this needs Windows Vista or later, it won't work on XP. The full Rompler creates a crash issue with Reaper. The individual instruments seem to work fine, so please try those instead if you use Reaper.
Izzuru_Haqu Apr 08 2023
(5 / 5)
Apr 08 2023
Work very well with FLStudio... Sounds really clean and very on point of the frecuency instruments... Makes us all ascended
Mutilator Dec 17 2022
(5 / 5)
Dec 17 2022
Outstanding work!
Mark Wazowski Oct 28 2022
(5 / 5)
Oct 28 2022
These instruments sounds are really on point! Also articulation idea is unique and very easy use
Bryan Jun 06 2022
(1 / 5)
Jun 06 2022
After download it, There's some bugs such as automatically slice the note when my mouse pointer touch it or the play doesnt work. Can someone help?
Jaiwan G. Hutchinson Apr 27 2022
(2 / 5)
Apr 27 2022
Having trouble getting the plug-in to show up in my GarageBand. I have it downloaded but everytime I click it it says there is no application se to open the document. Please help for 5 stars thanks.
Versilian Studios Aug 18 2022
Aug 18 2022
The MacOS AU version is not compatible with Catalina or later; you need to use the SFZ version from our (Versilian Studios) official website. There is a detailed installation/tutorial video on how to use SFZ files there as well as additional information.
benjamin Apr 20 2022
(5 / 5)
Apr 20 2022
Yegor Apr 12 2022
(5 / 5)
Apr 12 2022
dspplug Mar 31 2022
(5 / 5)
Mar 31 2022
Excellent, thanks - using for mac
Eggy Beats Dec 11 2021
Dec 11 2021
Can somebody tell me how to set this up? Because there's is nothing in the download file, am I supposed to run it on another VST or something? I couldn't figure it out
Linden Jan 04 2022
Jan 04 2022
Hi there, wish I came across this sooner but baically, teh file you've downloaded should be put into the folder where your other vst instruments are stored and then once in your DAW, open preferences and re-scan the folder for new plugins and vst's. On my laptop this folder is one I've made myself but you may have a folder named vstplugins within your program files or one named steinberg. If you drag the dll into one of those, re scan the folder in your DAW, they should load in. Hope this helps
Anonymous Nov 29 2021
Nov 29 2021
I tried to add this into LMMS, but the plugin did not load. Does it work in LMMS?
qapbaq Dec 04 2021
Dec 04 2021
Had the same problem. Switched daw (Cakewalk by BandLab). No Problems in CW + the workflow is better and the DAW just feels better when you get used to it. Windows only daw
Darchy Jan 28 2022
Jan 28 2022
Make sure you are running the correct version of LMMS 64bit or 32bit that will run the corresponding 64bit or 32bit VSTi.
Hamza Hash Oct 17 2021
(4 / 5)
Oct 17 2021
Review: I tried it with Bandlab cakewalk. It seems to work fine. The orchestral samples are not bad. The string section (cellos,violas,violins) are usable if you use good articulation to make them sound realistic. Since it's a chamber orchestra the other instruments don't sound big like the woodwinds and brass. The sample library also lacks staccato notes. So you can't write epic stuff with it that goes duh..du.du.du..dun.dun........XD
User69 Oct 01 2021
(4 / 5)
Oct 01 2021
PRO TIP : get the .sfz package from the official website. The professional library has all sorts of option for ex: in this rompler, instruments are often panned L->R by octaves yet the sfz package provides an option without the default panning.
Paul Aug 27 2021
(1 / 5)
Aug 27 2021
Don't bother with this Rompler if using Reaper it will crash Reaper the next time you run it and you will have to remove VSCO2 Orchestra or delete it from your VST directory else Reaper will continue crashing. Why there is no warning I don't know? The individual instruments don't crash reaper only the full Rompler.
Dijitkal Sep 06 2021
Sep 06 2021
The original homepage for these instruments mentions that they do not work with Reaper, as well as other commentators here. http://bigcatinstruments.blogspot.com/2017/02/vsco2-rompler.html . It would have been nice if they mentioned in the description here, but as you said yourself, the individual instruments work in Reaper. I feel its a bit unfair to give it such a low score because of that (but a Reaper incompatibility warning would be handy here). And just to be clear, I'm not a fanboy, im just going by what the author and other users posted - I haven't even used it yet, I might think it's one star later too!
STEVE WEBB Aug 05 2021
(5 / 5)
Aug 05 2021
This is a great free orchestra .I prefer it to BBC Discover free vst. People must remember this is a chamber orchestra, so to get a bigger sound you would have to layer more parts. But the individual sounds are very realistic.
Enigma Apr 16 2021
Apr 16 2021
I just downloaded this and found that when I applied the synth to a MIDI file, the articulations alternate between tremolo/arco, etc. Is there a way to fix this? It was in no way intended.
Versilian Studios May 28 2021
May 28 2021
Remove any MIDI data in the keyswitch (usually Yellow) area of the keyboard. Keyswitches are used to signal changes in articulation like most modern orchestral libraries, and the sounding range of the instruments is at least somewhat close to their real-life counterparts. As such, you need to make sure your MIDI files do not exceed the usable range of the instrument (usually Orange), and if they do, remove, re-pitch, or move to another instrument any offending notes.
Andres Apr 03 2021
Apr 03 2021
Hi everyone, if you have been trying to get this to work with cubase but failed, this is what I did and worked for me in windows 10. Even if you have installed a 64 bit OS you should check if your cubase is 32 bits, then you have to download the 32 bit version of this VST and when you download it you have to copy the .dll file and the Instruments folder into both the 32 and 64 bit VST folder, for example C/program files/vstplugins and C/program files(x86)/vstplugins. Thats the only solution that worked for me
Jeremy Aug 01 2021
Aug 01 2021
Wow - this is proving quite stubborn! Have tried your exact suggestion, and have gone into Plug-in Information under Devices, and manually added this plug-in as a VST 2.x plug-in, but it simply won't show up in my plug-ins list! I'm running Cubase 5 on Windows 10, and have downloaded the 32-bit version as you suggest.
Darchy Jan 28 2022
Jan 28 2022
I got this to work 1st time in 64bit. Make a folder in Program Files and just call it VSTPlugins. In Cubase just point it to there in the settings and scan. Job done.
Anonymous Feb 15 2021
Feb 15 2021
Having trouble installing on Mac Catalina. I tried moving both the VST and AU to the VST and Component folder respectively, but they do not show up with Logic Pro X. Any solutions?
Anonymous Feb 08 2021
Feb 08 2021
There is a problem on Mac, idk if its because of Catalina but for a while every time I try to install or open the vst it fails to do so and a message appears that it cant be verified. I use fl 20.
Anonymous Feb 08 2021
Feb 08 2021
Try this workaround: https://www.imore.com/how-open-apps-anywhere-macos-catalina-and-mojave
Anonymous Jan 31 2021
Jan 31 2021
It doesn't load instruments, it was successfully installed but no instruments All instruments files aren't dll files. Does anybody know how to fix it ?
Ano Jun 01 2021
Jun 01 2021
Même problème actuellement
Anonymous Jun 14 2021
Jun 14 2021
Dézipper le dossier dans C:Program FilesCommon Files......et ça marche
Ties Jan 26 2021
Jan 26 2021
Can someone please axplain how to get them into FL on windows 10?
Geo Jan 26 2021
Jan 26 2021
1- Find the folders where FL has installed VST plugins. Usually Options->Manage Plugins If you didn't change them, it's usually in one of these folders: C:\Program Files\Common Files\VST2\ (here are usually VST2 plugins x64) - C:\Program Files\VstPlugins\ (same as above, you can have one or the other) - C:\Program Files (x86)\VstPlugins\ (here are usually VST 32bit plugins). 2- Unzip everything in one of these folders, basically the .dll file will be together with the other VST plugins you have and the instruments are in a subfolder. 3- Go to FL to Options->Manage plugins and click the button find more plugins. It will probably be at the bottom at the list. Click on the star so it can be in the menu when you select plugins. Click on the channel rack and select VSCO2 Orchestra, should be under synths category. That's pretty much it.
2058 Dec 16 2020
(4 / 5)
Dec 16 2020
One of my favorites
coorrooger Oct 26 2020
Oct 26 2020
In my fl studio, installed succesfully but turns out to be wrong... tried sev times but cannot find any instrument signs came out
Djoe Dec 17 2020
Dec 17 2020
Same for me on Fl 11 or 20
anonymous Oct 26 2020
(3 / 5)
Oct 26 2020
The sound quality is good but it always crashes my DAW (Cakewalk) when I try to open a project that includes VSCO 2
Versilian Studios Nov 07 2020
Nov 07 2020
This is a known issue which has already been addressed several times in the comments. Please use the NON-Rompler, "Individual Instruments" version as also available one-by-one here on VST4Free or on Bigcat's Blog: http://bigcatinstruments.blogspot.com/2017/02/vsco2-rompler.html . The ROMpler version should NOT be used in Reaper or any DAW where it causes this crash behavior.
Arseniy Jan 05 2021
Jan 05 2021
Oh. Good there is that option!
Tom J. Sep 23 2020
(5 / 5)
Sep 23 2020
This is simply amazing. I just started working with FL Studio. And I am simply amazed by the beauty of this plugin. Wow. I can't stop playing with is...send chords through the sequenzers. I am in love. Thanks soooo much for this aweseome tool.
Bethlehem Calls [Bandi] Oct 07 2020
Oct 07 2020
I'll definitely have to give this VST a try. :)
AKG Jan 23 2021
Jan 23 2021
How do u install it onto fl studio, im having trouble
Masic Sep 10 2020
Sep 10 2020
I am using window 10 fl studio20. After downloading and decompressed VSCO2 community (VST) I placed both the mse and dll under the "preset>plugin database >installed> generator> VST". The scan in the plugin manager seems successful. Both files now become one "VSCO2 Orchestra.vst" But when I add the instrument, the sentence pops up saying "The plugin VSCO2 Orchestra is missing. Please make sure it was installed correctly." How can I fix it? Thanks!
ushank Nov 01 2020
Nov 01 2020
what u can possibly do is reinstall the plugin with a different location (the .dll file) lets say in the fl studio plugins section itself and the sound library in any other location. while scanning make sure that you add the sound library destination folder to the IL plugin manager search box. this should supposedly work. Happy to help #flgang
Hans Aug 18 2020
Aug 18 2020
Does this work with Cakewalk? And if so which files should I download? The VST4Free Hosted Version or the individual instruments.
Abraham batarse Sep 08 2020
Sep 08 2020
I have the same question.
Vash Jul 25 2020
(5 / 5)
Jul 25 2020
If you're using this with Ableton (or any possibly any other DAW) on macOS Catalina here's the steps I used to get it working. 1. Add the AU Component to "/Library/Audio/Plug-Ins/Components/" 2. Restart macOS 3. Open Ableton and Rescan Plug-Ins 4. Drop plug-in into a MIDI channel 5. You'll get a dialog complaining about developer verification, click Cancel 6. Open System Preferences > Security & Privacy 7. Click Allow Anyway 8. Repeat step 4 9. Click Open In my case restarting Ableton wasn't enough I had to restart macOS or I can't find the plug-in in Ableton. For some reason this seems to be the case with any plug-in from bigcat that I've tested.
James Jul 19 2020
Jul 19 2020
I have the folder saved for FL studio 20 in this file path: local disk (C:)/ program files/ image-line/ fl studio 20/ plugins/ fruity/ effects/ sketching orchestra and in that folder I have the instruments folder and the dll file. fl says that it cannot be found and won't come up in searches for more plugins.
J Aug 02 2020
Aug 02 2020
By default FL studio only looks in certain folders for newly installed vst’s. This video will show you where to put them. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dbiz-rz_WOM
Danny Aug 21 2020
Aug 21 2020
FL Studio also lets you specify a user-set folder for additional plugins. That's where I keep my plugins because I want to preserve them on a separate hard drive (along with all my other data) in case I format my computer. It's also convenient to see and organize them in your own custom place. I don't know how it's done in FL-20 but FL-12, just go to Options > File Settings > Plugins > VST plugins extra search folder. After setting it, press Refresh Plugin List. Enjoy!
Iain Jul 18 2020
(5 / 5)
Jul 18 2020
Hi. First of all I must say that this instrument is fantastic. Many thanks for making it available. I just wonder if there is any documentation as to the mapping of samples - I'm particularly thinking of the percussion.
RG Jul 15 2020
Jul 15 2020
Can this be used with Sibelius music software? Thank you!
Arnold Jun 29 2020
(5 / 5)
Jun 29 2020
Thanks for the sounds. It's amazing!
Harold Jul 24 2020
Jul 24 2020
I agree :-) Much love from a 67 year old music producer
Tracey Jun 04 2020
Jun 04 2020
I’m still running Mojave & this worked perfectly for me. Some surprisingly great sounds. Thank you!
John Jun 04 2020
Jun 04 2020
Hello! I was wondering where do you install the .mse files? I installed the .dll but when I try to use it, it says "no instruments available". Thanks!
clifton johnson Jun 07 2020
Jun 07 2020
Download the file extract the file go to plugin manager in daw software add file to daw click find new plugins then your done i had a hard time as well i found out by using youtube
Ariel Jun 04 2020
(5 / 5)
Jun 04 2020
I use this plenty and it really does all I need it to. Brass, woodwinds, strings, regardless. I genuinely think this is great. I wrote a few songs on it, I hope people give it a try. Reverb really lacks on most demos but if you know how to play with it and other controls and/or filters then this is actually kind of perfect! The spiccato really works well with good reverb.
Federico May 14 2020
May 14 2020
Sorry, I have download VSCO2 Rompler and Sonatina, but cubase 10.5 (win10) don't see it. I have seen some other comments but I have not understood where it is necessary to put the .dll and .mse files. Please an help....
patience Apr 27 2020
Apr 27 2020
It works thanks
william Apr 19 2020
Apr 19 2020
Does this work on LMMS? if so how do i make it work?
tjfree May 20 2020
May 20 2020
Yes, it works great on Windows 10 64bit
Emilios Apr 17 2020
Apr 17 2020
Hello, I am having problems with loading the .dll and .mse files in my REAPER DAW. I have downloaded and extracted all the Orchestra zip files. However, when I extracted the .zip files I only see .dll and .mse files. I do not see any instrument (.ins) files. I assumed the .mse files needed to be put into their respective .dll file folders, which I did (for example, Horns .mse goes into the Horns .dll file folder). I then copied and loaded the folder containing the .dll and .mse files into REAPER’s VST folder ( C:Program FilesVstplugins ). I then opened REAPER, scanned for new FX’s (which it found the Horns) and then tried to open a virtual track. I picked the Horns folder and then I get a message, "Cannot find any instruments". I have tried different paths that REAPER looks in to but with no luck. I still get the “Cannot find any instruments” message. I’m running Windows 7 Professional, 64 Bit. Please help. Thank you.
Anonymous Apr 20 2020
Apr 20 2020
Doesn't work for reaper but you can dl the individual instruments here, they should work just fine. http://bigcatinstruments.blogspot.com/2017/02/vsco2-rompler.html
Versilian Studios May 02 2020
May 02 2020
The .mse does not go next to the .dll file! It MUST remain inside the .instruments folder. As mentioned in several other replies before, 'Cannot find any instruments' will show up if the .instruments folder is not kept with the .dll, or if the .mse file is removed or missing from the .instruments folder. To install correctly, extract the file(s), then copy the .dll file AND the .instruments folder TOGETHER into the desired install location.
Ferv Aug 17 2020
Aug 17 2020
So greatful for your answer!
Spirit Nov 18 2020
Nov 18 2020
I've tried every suggestion on this thread but I still can't successfully install this plugin into FL 20.
bibek bhattarai Apr 09 2020
Apr 09 2020
Amazing... thanks for everything
JVL Apr 01 2020
Apr 01 2020
Hello, thank you for this download. I downloaded the AU version for Mac. I'm running OS 10.15.3 (Catalina). I restarted the computer and Garageband is finding the plug-in, no problem. But when I try to load it, the app tells me that it can't verify the developer and won't let me use it in the session. In the past, I was able to go into Settings and approve the download manually, but I don't see an option for this here. Any ideas? Thanks so much!
Versilian Studios Apr 10 2020
Apr 10 2020
As far as we're aware, Catalina won't support this or other Maize instruments going forward and there's nothing we or Bigcat can do about it from our end unless the developer of Maize Sampler can update his code and Bigcat has time to update every single one of the patches and get VST4Free and all the other mirrors to update them on their end. My recommendation is to use one of the SFZ versions, as Sforzando/ARIA are regularly updated, or one of the Kontakt versions if you have the full version of Kontakt. A directory of all the versions can be found on the Versilian Studios website.
JVL Apr 12 2020
Apr 12 2020
Thank you very much for your reply. I will try that.
Torgo May 06 2020
May 06 2020
My daughter and I were able to get it to work in Catalina by copying the AU component into Library/Audio/Plug-Ins/Components, exiting Garage Band and restarting the Mac. When starting Garage Band, there you get the error about macOS not being able to verify the developer. Click Cancel (not Move to Trash), then click on the Apple Menu, System Preferences, Security & Privacy, Allow Anyway. Good luck!
Raz Mar 29 2020
Mar 29 2020
After unzipping the file and moving the component file to component folder - i loaded live and AU is activated i still cannot see the plugin - using live 10.1 osx catalina. Please help
Versilian Studios Mar 30 2020
Mar 30 2020
Make sure it's in the Libraries folder directly in MacHD, not the Library folder in your User folder. You may need to manually re-scan for plugins, or restart your system. Generally a system restart fixes things completely if you're experiencing this issue and the installation seems to be correct.
Paul Feb 28 2020
(4 / 5)
Feb 28 2020
Some of the vsti makes my daw program crash i tried 64 bit to any ideas please let me know ty be side that there cool ty
Versilian Studios Mar 20 2020
Mar 20 2020
If this version (ROMpler version) causes crashes, please use the 'Individual' version, available on Bigcat's blog here: http://bigcatinstruments.blogspot.com/2017/02/vsco2-rompler.html
doza Feb 27 2020
Feb 27 2020
how do I get the sounds (mse files) to load in fl 11 windows 10. The plugin works but I don't know how to open mse files thanks. email -> dozaprod@gmail.com
Versilian Studios Mar 20 2020
Mar 20 2020
The .mse files must be left in .instruments folder, which is placed next to the .dll file. If this is not done correctly, the plugin will display an error message until you move it to the right place.
Dani From Indonesia Jun 26 2021
Jun 26 2021
Jawaban yang di cari2 selama beberapa jam. Dan baru berhasil. Terimakasih
Sonia Feb 05 2020
Feb 05 2020
Hello, I'm trying to get this awesome VST to work in Ableton! I'm on Windows 10 Pro, downloaded the 64 bit version, which contains a folder of .MSE instrument files, and a .dll application extension file. I'm not sure how to get this to work in Ableton, please help! Thank you!
Alexander Feb 16 2020
Feb 16 2020
01: In Windows10 go to "Documents". 02: Create a new Folder named "VST64 External". 03: Copy the Folder with the .MSE instrument files and the .DLL file in "VST64 External". 04: Start Ableton. 05: Open: Options. 06: Open: Presets. 07: Open: Plug-Ins. 08: Switch "Own VST2-PlugIn folder" to "ON". 09: Select OWn Folder = "VST64 External". 10: Select: New Scan. 11: Go to the Categorie List in Ableton10 on the left side of your screen and open "Plug-Ins". 12: Open "VST", open "VSC02 Orchestra" and it should be on your screen.
Thabo May 30 2020
May 30 2020
I've tried it that way, still doesn't work
Jdubyat2 Feb 04 2020
Feb 04 2020
I download the Big cats AU's and put the component in the component file but the instruments aren't showing up in logic AU's. What am I missing?
buddyinbcreek Feb 22 2020
Feb 22 2020
Try a restart, should work if you have it the component subdirectory
buddyinbcreek Feb 22 2020
Feb 22 2020
also don't forget to rescan after reboot
Jdubyat2 Jan 31 2020
Jan 31 2020
I download the Big cats AU's and put the component in the component file but the instruments aren't showing up in logic AU's. What am I missing?
kolj4 Jan 12 2020
Jan 12 2020
Hello. Apparently this does not work under mac OS Catalina (It says "unsecure software") Was anyone able to load it with Catalina?
EHERTOGH Jan 31 2020
Jan 31 2020
Yes it will work if you do the following: In macOS 10.14 and 10.15, when an app fails to install because it hasn’t been notarized or is from an unidentified developer, it will appear in System Preferences > Security & Privacy, under the General tab. Click Open Anyway to confirm your intent to open or install the app.
infoe Feb 01 2020
Feb 01 2020
Yes it will work if you you choose: Relaunch System Preferences and go to “Security & Privacy” and the “General” tab. Then choose allow to open button under ‘Allow apps downloaded from:’ This only work if you first open the vst in your DAW.
KGM Music Dec 26 2019
(5 / 5)
Dec 26 2019
Jac Dec 20 2019
Dec 20 2019
I’ve downloaded rompler on my mac, unzipped it but cannot open the mse files. How can i get it to work in garageband?
Versilian Studios Dec 30 2019
Dec 30 2019
Download the Mac AU (.component) version and copy it to MacHD:/Libraries/Audio/Plug-Ins/Components. Restart GB and/or your system and they should show up. Please search 'How to use 3rd party plugins in Garage Band' for more detailed instructions.
M G Dec 07 2019
Dec 07 2019
Cubase 10 Windows 10 64. Do the .mse files need to reside in the Program Files/ Steinberg/ Cubase 10/ VST Plugins folder along with the d.ll file? That seems to be what some of the comments hintto. Can I not keep the mse files on a separate drive where i have them right now, so as not to fill up my C drive? I cannot get VCSO2 to work. When I create an instrument track with VCSO, it says "no instruments". Thanks
Versilian Studios Dec 09 2019
Dec 09 2019
Yes, the .mse must be kept inside the .instruments folder, which must reside next to the .dll file in your VST Plugins folder. When you see "no instruments", that means that you moved the .mse file to a place the .dll file can't find and need to move it back. The .dll only knows the relative path to the .mse file and that path must be exactly correct or it can't find the .mse file(s). Note that in most DAWs you can create alternative search locations for VSTi plugins in the plugin manager/preferences and thus have some plugins in a folder on a separate drive which the DAW will automatically search in addition to the location on your main OS drive.
M G Dec 07 2019
Dec 07 2019
Cubase 10 Windows 10 64. Do the .mse files need to reside in the Program Files/ Steinberg/ Cubase 10/ VST Plugins folder along with the d.ll file? That seems to be what some of the comments hintto. Can I not keep the mse files on a separate drive where i have them right now, so as not to fill up my C drive? I cannot get VCSO2 to work. When I create an instrument track with VCSO, it says "no instruments". Thanks
Anonymous Dec 06 2019
Dec 06 2019
Hi everybody. First of all, thank you for this amazing work. I want to ask you if yhis plugin VSCO2 works on Mac's Catalina OS?
james Nov 26 2019
Nov 26 2019
I downloaded VSCO2 Rompler and the articulation wont change dose anyone know how to fix it?
Versilian Studios Nov 30 2019
Nov 30 2019
Use the keyswitches (yellow keys shown on the user interface below the range of the instrument) to trigger articulation changes. Each key in that range (including typically the black keys) is related to a different articulation. By entering a note in that range in your DAW, or playing/recording said note on your MIDI keyboard, you will instruct the plugin to change articulations. Unlike a simple dropdown menu to select articulations, this lets you change articulations during a piece by inserting the keyswitch notes any time before the new articulation should begin. It is recommended that you insert a keyswitch note at the start of every track to select the initial articulation you desire. You may audition the articulations by clicking the yellow keyswitch notes in the GUI, but the change will only be 'saved' to your track if you insert a note in the piano roll.
NikiSicks Nov 19 2019
Nov 19 2019
Works and sounds amazing!!! Using Ableton and Cubase! Thanks you very much for your work!!!
Jake Nov 15 2019
Nov 15 2019
How I use this in Adobe Audition? I believe I've downloaded everything that needs to be downloaded, etc. (I'm not very computer savvy, so not really in-the-know when it comes to all of these abbreviations, etc). Any help will be highly appreciated.
Versilian Studios Nov 30 2019
Nov 30 2019
Adobe Audition is not capable of using VSTi (VST instruments) because it has no MIDI functionality. MIDI (Musical Instrument Data Interface), the 'language' through which computers and synthesizers record and communicate musical ideas, is required in order to instruct the plugin which pitches to play and all other performance parameters. You should use a DAW or Digital Audio Workstation, or a piece of notation software, to create ('sequence') musical instructions in MIDI for the sampler (VSTi plugin, in this case) to then turn into audible sound. Such examples of free DAWs include Sonar, Ardour, LMMS, etc. Think of MIDI as like notation, the DAW as like the paper on which notation is written, the sampler/VSTi plugin like a musical instrument, and the audio waveform generated by the sampler as the sound made by said musical instrument.
Andrew Giddings Nov 04 2019
(3 / 5)
Nov 04 2019
Shame it won't work with XP, especially as it's one of the last stable Windows versions. Perhaps one day.....
erm what Nov 19 2019
Nov 19 2019
lol it's 2019 man, xp is far from ideal right now just forget it and move on lol
brian Nov 26 2019
Nov 26 2019
Fresh install of windows 7 beats xp any day.
Daniel Murray Nov 01 2019
Nov 01 2019
I can get the plugin to show up in ableton, but when I try to load it, it can't find any of the instruments. When I go to manually load a preset I get a message saying that the preset doesn't match the plugin parameters? Any suggestions on this? On Windows by the way. Thanks
BassNoteStudios Oct 30 2019
Oct 30 2019
So, I can't get it to work with Pro Tools. I've downloaded it and made sure it was in my VST folders and it's just not finding it. Any ideas?
Versilian Studios Nov 02 2019
Nov 02 2019
Pro Tools does not support VSTi or Audio Units natively. You should either use a VSTi or AU 'Bridge' plugin, such as 'VSTLord', which will let you run VSTi or AU in Pro Tools, or use the SFZ or Kontakt versions of VSCO 2 CE, which are soundware for Sforzando (free) or Kontakt ($400) respectively, both of which have versions for Pro Tools.
Norbert Oct 03 2019
Oct 03 2019
Hi, how do i install this in Reason11? I tried different locations but Reason does not recognise it :( Best regards. Norbert
Mellatron Sept 20 2019
Sept 20 2019
Great Rompler, works fine on Cubase 5
Peter Sept 10 2019
Sept 10 2019
Hey, I'm using Logic Pro X, and I've installed both the .component and .vst, and put them in their allocated folders, but I can't open VSCO2 - could someone please help?
Peter Sept 11 2019
Sept 11 2019
Oops! Sorry, just needed to restart my Mac - this library is really nice! I'm just getting into orchestration so it's amazing to have something like this!
Andy C Sept 08 2019
Sept 08 2019
Hi, Using a Mac. Which part are we supposed to put into the VST folder. If i put the entire 'contents' folder in there and refresh plugins in FL studio, nothing comes up. Any advice?
Pol Sept 20 2019
Sept 20 2019
Andy C Oct 13 2019
Oct 13 2019
Hey, When i download the Mac osx vst there is no vst and only a folder called 'contents' only something called MSP. And from the AU there is exactly the same 'Contents' folder.
Versilian Studios Dec 09 2019
Dec 09 2019
The 'contents' folder appears INSIDE the .vst and .component files. You need to copy the entire .vst or .component file itself into MacintoshHD:/Libraries/Audio/Plug-Ins/[VST or Components]
Dj Faraj Sept 05 2019
(4 / 5)
Sept 05 2019
Thank you so much!
Will Aug 15 2019
(5 / 5)
Aug 15 2019
Sounds are awesome! Works fine for me in Reaper v5.981 64-bit with no issue! Thanks bigcat / Versilian / Sam Gossner / VST4Free!!!
Will Aug 15 2019
Aug 15 2019
Correction! It did start crashing in Reaper for me, but it is still awesome...Thanks again!!!
brim Sept 01 2019
Sept 01 2019
Could be due to RAM running out, who knows
Kevin Qiu Aug 11 2019
(5 / 5)
Aug 11 2019
It worked great with GarageBand for MacBook Air. Awesome!
Daniel Nov 21 2019
Nov 21 2019
Hi! I'm using garageband but I can't use it! I am using other plugins with garagenband, but it seems my garageband doesn't recognize VSCO2. How did you do it? Thank you!
gurramax Aug 08 2019
Aug 08 2019
Tried to install the Rompler into Cubase 7. Both the dll and the .instruments are in the same VST folder and Cubase finds it. When I try to load it into my project, I get the track but it doesnt show up in the instrument box and I cant get any picture frame where i can chose instruments, so it is completely unusable. Please help ! Gunnar
Anonymous Dec 06 2019
Dec 06 2019
Having the same problem. Perhaps I didn't put the Dll. file in the proper place. Is there supposeto be an installer, or do we just drop the dll. file somewhere? Did yoj get this figured out? I'm on cubase10 win 10 64
Tim Jul 27 2019
(5 / 5)
Jul 27 2019
Absolutely gorgeous sounds. I had originally posted the message "Love the sounds, but not the crashing." Bigcat pointed out that Reaper doesn't really jive with the Rompler. Instead, if you're a Reaper user, just download the individual instruments. I replaced all the Rompler plugins with the individual instrument plugins and now my session opens up without crashing. What a relief. Thank you, and keep up the fantastic work!!
bigcat Aug 03 2019
Aug 03 2019
Glad it worked for you Tim! Sorry for the initial problems, but hopefully you can have some fun making music now. If you put up some stuff on Youtube or Soundcloud or some such I'd love to take a listen.
Love the sounds, but not the crashing... Jul 01 2019
Jul 01 2019
Every time I load my project in Reaper (64-bit) it crashes if I have instances of this plugin. I have to start the session with plug-ins offline, remove the plugin, and then insert it again. Not sure if there's any sort of workaround, but it's very, very inconvenient, especially with several instances of it running at once! Beautiful sounds, though.
bigcat Jul 10 2019
Jul 10 2019
Reaper has a non-standard vst implementation and somehow can't find anything but the fist violin group when you restart a session. The single instrument vsts, just click on bigcat instruments to see the instruments and download the ones you want one at a time, should work fine though I know that is kind of a pain.
YC Jul 27 2019
Jul 27 2019
I'm maybye doing it wrong but I put the vsts files (.dll) (individuals one because I use reaper) into my bank files, Reaper detects them, but when I try to add one on an fx chain it says that it cannot find the instrument...
Tim Jul 27 2019
Jul 27 2019
Thanks for your response, bigcat! I'm working on a new project and have been dealing with the aforementioned issue, but fortunately I read your reply, so I will go ahead and locate/download all the instruments. They are fantastic, so it's well worth the "pain"! And keep up the great work...I truly appreciate these instruments.
Anonymous Jun 27 2019
(0 / 5)
Jun 27 2019
The sound is great but there is an issue when using reaper where the instruments loading cause reaper to crash when the instrument isn't a violin.
Versilian Studios Jul 17 2019
Jul 17 2019
Yes, Reaper users should download the 'individual instruments' version available both here on VST4Free and on Bigcat's Blog, as per recommendation by Bigcat. The problem is between Maize Sampler and Reaper, there is nothing Bigcat or Versilian can do to change this issue.
Seth Sep 30 2020
Sep 30 2020
This helped me so much! Great sounds, but the rompler kept crashing, now, no crashes at all.
Jose Jun 26 2019
Jun 26 2019
Hola!. Acabo de descargarlo. Uso Nuendo para producir. Alguien sabe como direccionar o donde colocar el archivo dll?. Estoy ansioso por ver como suena esto!!.
dom May 24 2019
May 24 2019
I tried in Reaper 64bit a despite what the developer said it works well! Great samples, fits good in my projects.
med muta May 03 2019
(5 / 5)
May 03 2019
I found what I needed
KP Apr 14 2019
Apr 14 2019
Hi there, I downloaded everything and put it in my VST folder under c/programfiles/steinberg/vstplugins but it's not showing up in cubase. Any advice?
KM May 19 2019
May 19 2019
Were you able to find a solution?
Versilian Studios May 28 2019
May 28 2019
The VSTi is a VST2 file; make sure your version of Cubase is configured to allow the use of VST2. Additionally ensure that you are using the correct bit version- if you are using an old version of Cubase, it might still be a 32-bit program even if you are on a 64-bit operating system. Conversely, if you downloaded the 32-bit version, the 64-bit version of Cubase may have issues loading it.
Anonymous Apr 09 2019
(5 / 5)
Apr 09 2019
Works great! Also, when is a balalaika instrument coming out?
Renoise loading issues Apr 06 2019
(2 / 5)
Apr 06 2019
I really love the sound of this plugin BUT when you use it in Renoise and save your track it causes Renoise to crash / not load when you try to reload your saved track. I basically has to do the following to salvage my track due to this plugin crashing renoise when trying to reload a saved track. 1. Load Renoise on its own (No tracks just blank) 2. Disable ALL VSTs! 3. Reload the track in renoise 4. Change the plugin from VSCO2 orchestra to something else or just remove it (warning removing it may also remove all notes or chords the plugin used) 5. Save it 6. Reload and activate VSTs again.
bigcat Apr 13 2019
Apr 13 2019
I'm sorry this happened to you. I suggest using the .xrni files you can find here... https://vis.versilstudios.com/vsco-community.html
chris Mar 21 2019
(5 / 5)
Mar 21 2019
Works like a charm in Studio One 4 64bit! Now I just have to find out how to automate the triggerkeys.
Miracles Happen Mar 13 2019
(4 / 5)
Mar 13 2019
Incredibly powerful sound. Perfect for an orchestra. Every instrument is impressively similar to the original. Excellent VSti!
Cranky Mar 12 2019
(1 / 5)
Mar 12 2019
Truly awful. The samples are far too harsh and unpleasant, most particularly the violin section and oboe. Oboes are supposed to sound mellow and relaxing, but the VCO2 made it sound unpleasant and unusable, much like most of the other instruments. Very disappointing.
KIDWAGS Mar 11 2019
Mar 11 2019
All is fine in my DAW however, plugin states "can't find instruments". How do I get the instrument files into the plugin on my DAW? Thank you
Esdras Cabral Jun 13 2019
Jun 13 2019
I used "Clear cache/Re-scan" in administrator mode. Only cache clear work
ALOIS Mar 03 2019
Mar 03 2019
Works with Mixcraft 8.
Kimi Garden Feb 28 2019
(5 / 5)
Feb 28 2019
It works, thank you <3
seetridwd Feb 17 2019
Feb 17 2019
I am a bigginer so, if i downlode a plugin how do i activate it in fl studi?
David Feb 17 2019
Feb 17 2019
You just have to download it, it's automatically going to appear in your plugin library
TheKoffinKat Apr 16 2019
Apr 16 2019
This is "almost" true, but not quite. In FL Studio, you will need to Refresh/Search for new plugins and then select it in order to use it. New plugins will show up in Green text. Tick the checkmark, exit and then select your new plugin. Also make sure the new plugin is in a folder recognized by FL. Have fun!
Basser Feb 13 2019
Feb 13 2019
Hey Folks! How does one load this VSCO2 Rompler on Ableton Live 10 after downloading the file? Thanks in advance!
MisterA Feb 06 2019
Feb 06 2019
Hi, i've got a problem, i've already installed de .dll file, as it is suposed to work, well, the thing is that my cubase finds it and everythings ok, but at the time i want to use my plugin it sends a message "there's no instruments found", what did I do wrong? Thank you.
VS answer this before... Feb 06 2019
Feb 06 2019
You need to copy the .instruments folder along with the .dll file when you move it. Without it, there's nothing for the .dll to load.
khaled Apr 04 2019
Apr 04 2019
I'm using fl studio and i have the .instruments folder and the .dll file in the vstplugins folder but when i load the plugin it says "cannot find any instruments" help please
Joshua Goldie Jan 28 2019
Jan 28 2019
hi, amazing quality but i am having problems with launching my projects after using this as a plugin. it works ok just as a solo violin but not for the "sections" and the organ both of which i really want to use! please help
Joshua Goldie Jan 29 2019
Jan 29 2019
You can email me on josh_g1306@hotmail.com
bigcat Jan 29 2019
Jan 29 2019
Try downloading just the instruments you want one at a time instead of using the rompler version. Just click on the bigcat instruments text to find all me stuff and sort by recently added. Some DAWs like Reaper don't like the romplers, but will work fine with the single instrument vsts. Dunno why.
Small Frog Jan 23 2019
Jan 23 2019
I have had issues trying to install this on my mac. any way you can help?
Versilian Studios Jan 24 2019
Jan 24 2019
If you're using any DAW except ProTools and Cubase, download the Audio Units version, extract the .zip (double-click), then copy the .component file you find inside to MacHD -> Libraries -> Audio -> Plug-Ins -> Components. Restart your system or wait a few minutes for the change to take effect, then open your DAW and it should be added as an audio units plugin. For Cubase, use the VST, and instead of 'components', place it in 'VST'. For ProTools, no useable version is available, so instead you need to use what's called a VST wrapper, like Bidule or VSTLord, to load the VST inside a RTAS plugin.
mike Jan 07 2019
Jan 07 2019
I can't open this plug-in. my Mac says there's no application set to open it. can you help me find an app to open it with? I'm trying to run it in garage band ..
bigcat Jan 11 2019
Jan 11 2019
Maybe this will help? I believe you need the AU version. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FL_1ACk0Qhk
Versilian Studios Jan 11 2019
Jan 11 2019
Mike, plugins are not apps. Plugins are little pieces of apps that can't run by themselves, they instead need to be loaded inside an app, such as garage band or other DAWs. To make VSCO 2 CE accessible on your mac, extract the .zip file and then copy the .component file into this location on your system: MacHD -> Libraries -> Audio -> Plugins -> Audio Units. Give your system a few minutes to register it, then start up garage band. You may need to restart your computer if it doesn't show up. Refer to the garage band manual and online resources on how to use a 3rd party plugin in garage band.
Anonymous Dec 29 2018
Dec 29 2018
I've installed the plugin and when I extracted it, the only thing that comes from it it is a .vst file. as far as I know, these are not compatible with fl studio, but I could be wrong. Am I missing anything from extracting it, because I have another extracted vst that only came with a .vst file too.
bigcat Jan 04 2019
Jan 04 2019
This seems like a fairly good video about installing vsts in FL Studio. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dbiz-rz_WOM
Versilian Studios Jan 11 2019
Jan 11 2019
Also, just to note- .vst are VST format for Mac. Every VST file used on a Mac is in .vst format. If you instead need a .component file, download the Audio Units version. If you are instead running Windows, you need to download the Windows VST version, with the extension .dll and a .instruments folder included with it.
JHONNY Dec 22 2018
(5 / 5)
Dec 22 2018
MARAVILHOSO! muito nota 10.
Diether Dec 21 2018
(5 / 5)
Dec 21 2018
Wonderful, thank you. Downloaded and plugged into Ableton Live 9 on a Mac. No problems, easy to use!!!
Dave Jan 05 2019
Jan 05 2019
Hi Diether, I've got Abelton Live 10 and am getting no joy with installing this. Did you download the 32 or 64-bit version?
Anonymous Dec 20 2018
(5 / 5)
Dec 20 2018
Perfect!!! Exactly what I needed! Thank you!
Anonymous Dec 12 2018
Dec 12 2018
Hello, I have a problem. When I open this plugin in the FL studio, it writes that "cannot find any instruments". What to do?
Versilian Studios Dec 15 2018
Dec 15 2018
You need to copy the .instruments folder along with the .dll file when you move it. Without it, there's nothing for the .dll to load.
Spirit Nov 18 2020
Nov 18 2020
I've tried this severally, but its not working. I copied the dll file and the instruments folder to my program files> common files> vst2 folder and then tried installing through the fl studio, but Ive not succeeded yet. Please help
Dan The Music Man Nov 30 2018
Nov 30 2018
Well, I've tried everything I know to get this plugin to work with Reason, but it doesn't seem to be compatible. I've been able to load several other VST's into Reason, but this one just doesn't want to cooperate. If anyone knows any tricks to get it to work, that would be great. Email me at: danbressler@gmail.com Thanks!
Anonymous Nov 29 2018
Nov 29 2018
Bedankt mooie VST super, blij
Anonymous Nov 24 2018
(5 / 5)
Nov 24 2018
Awesome plugin. Works very well as 64bit on Win10 and SoundBridge DAW.
Quiquerss Nov 22 2018
Nov 22 2018
Hey, I just saw this on YouTube, I´m working on Cubase 5, i´ve put the .dll file and the .mse on the VST Plugin folder but I can´t use it. Can anyone out there help me? P.S. Sorry for my bad english greetins from México
Nannyknowsbest Dec 19 2018
Dec 19 2018
Hi there. Did you download the 64 bit version because you're using Windows 10? If so, that's your problem - Cubase 5 need 32 bit version - even with 64 bit operating system. Delete the 64 bit version and put the 32 bit one in your vst folder (plus the samples folder) and it should work.
kime jedha Nov 20 2018
(5 / 5)
Nov 20 2018
j'adore votre VST. cool
Nigel Nov 06 2018
Nov 06 2018
This is absolutely brilliant, and so easy to use. Thanks a million for the free plugin. Now - a heads-up for Mixcraft users (echoing similar comments below). This may make Mixcraft crash. (I have Mixcraft 8.1 64 bit Pro Studio but I suspect the same would apply to other versions). When you assign VSCO2 Orchestra as a VST instrument, you need to choose which particular sound you want it to play BEFORE you open up the VSCO2 editor eg choose Flute, Violin etc from the drop-down inside the Mixcraft instrument setup screen. If you don't do this, it always defaults to solo Violin. When you then go inside the VSCO2 editor it may let you choose another instrument from the central editing panel, but it will still tell you in Mixcraft that it is Violin, even though it may play the sound you have chosen. However, even worse, if you try to select a different instrument from the drop-down list at the very top of the VSCO2 screen (the drop-down with the black text on white background) it will almost certainly crash Mixcraft.
Nigel Nov 07 2018
Nov 07 2018
OK now I'm going to have to take all that back - it doesn't work with Mixcraft 8. The 64 bit version definitely made Mixcraft crash every time. So I tried the 32 bit version and although it didn't crash, it doesn't "remember" the VST instrument. So everytime I open the project I have to manually reassign the instruments for the whole orchestra
Nigel Nov 08 2018
Nov 08 2018
A workaround that does actually work: download the separate files from http://bigcatinstruments.blogspot.com/2017/02/vsco2-rompler.html
Anonymous Nov 04 2018
Nov 04 2018
Trying to use it with PT 12....not showing in plugins
Theo Nov 11 2018
Nov 11 2018
It's not AAX, so won't work in PT12. It is AU and VST, so if you want to use it in PT 12 you need a VST wrapper plugin to run it inside of PT12. Blue Cat Audio make some really good ones.
Wez Nov 02 2018
(5 / 5)
Nov 02 2018
Super nice
prtysh Oct 26 2018
(5 / 5)
Oct 26 2018
Really big help in composing music
Mat Carfi Oct 16 2018
Oct 16 2018
New here - would this work with garage band or do I need to use a different DAW?
bigcat Oct 19 2018
Oct 19 2018
It should work. Go down a bit to Greg R's question for an explanation from a fellow Garageband user.
tcmuso Oct 15 2018
Oct 15 2018
I downloaded this plugin and it sounds great but how do you change an instrument's articulation?
bigcat Oct 17 2018
Oct 17 2018
The Yellow keys switch articulations (and some black keys in the middle of the yellow keys).
tcmuso Oct 18 2018
Oct 18 2018
I just tried what you suggested and it worked. Thanks.
DeJesH Oct 11 2018
Oct 11 2018
I am wondering if rompler would work with Studio One on 32x or 64x?
bigcat Oct 12 2018
Oct 12 2018
It should. Studio One, Version 2, is what I use and what it got tested on in both 32 and 64 bit versions. You need the 32 VST for the 32 bit Studio One and the 64 VST for the 64 bit Studio One though.
Keith Oct 10 2018
Oct 10 2018
When I open it up in Reaper it just says cannot find any instruments. I copy and pasted the VSO2 Orechtra Dll file is there more I have to copy and paste?
bigcat Oct 11 2018
Oct 11 2018
Yes you need the instrument folders and the mse files that are in them. Reaper has issues with the Rompler. Try a single instrument and see if you can get that running. You should just be able to unzip the zip file into your dll directory and it will make the structure you need. I wanted to say thanks again to our host. This is a big file for free using a lot of bandwidth, more than I have. If it weren't for VST4Free this Rompler wouldn't be available for easy download.
Marelline Acker Oct 06 2018
(4 / 5)
Oct 06 2018
It's a pretty good plugin, the sounds are decent and there are a few options for articulation. Surprising quality considering it's free. However, I'm running into problems with Renoise (x64). The plugin crashes my DAW whenever I duplicate the plugin or I open a project that contains it. I downloaded the 64-bit version, so I'm yet to test the 32-bit version. Due to that, I'm giving it 4 stars for now, I'll give it 5 if the 32-bit versions works fine.
Marelline Acker Oct 07 2018
Oct 07 2018
Little update: I tried the 32-bit version, and although Renoise was not crashing anymore, the plugin loading was still faulty when opening a project. However, I tried the separate single-instrument plugins and they work perfectly. So, if you're running into problems with this plugin, try downloading the individual instruments.
Versilian Studios Dec 15 2018
Dec 15 2018
Also, a heads' up for all Renoise users, there's a dedicated .xrni conversion by a guy named Oliver Jolly over here- http://forum.renoise.com/index.php/files/file/519-vsco-chamber-orchestra-community-edition-xrni-version/
Greg R Oct 05 2018
Oct 05 2018
Hi, I downloaded the AU for Mac and put it in the audio plugins component folder but I don't see it available in Reason 10. I'm really new to Mac computers so maybe I don't understand how to manage the file. If anyone can help me I'd really be grateful :)
bigcat Oct 07 2018
Oct 07 2018
I don't know if this helps but NSBreaks explained how to use it with Garageband. "I have the instruments working in Garageband 10.2. I tried copying to the components folder in the MACHD/Library folder rather than the user/Library folder then I restarted my computer and the instruments simply became an option under 'AU instruments'."
Greg R Oct 09 2018
Oct 09 2018
Thanks for taking the time to reply bigcat :) I will try moving it around in different folders as you suggested. Cheers !
Sundarc Oct 05 2018
(5 / 5)
Oct 05 2018
Great collections
raju punjabi Oct 02 2018
(5 / 5)
Oct 02 2018
No words needed. Best of the best
Jimidi Sept 30 2018
Sept 30 2018
Is this tool available as vst 2.x?
Matt Sept 30 2018
(5 / 5)
Sept 30 2018
WOW! Just wow. This is one the best vst ever! thank you so much to the developers
Sundarc Sept 25 2018
(5 / 5)
Sept 25 2018
Awesome. Thank you
Anonymous Sept 25 2018
Sept 25 2018
I have to hug you or people who have put this together and give it free. Thanks a lot. God bless you altogether.
Jason Sept 24 2018
(5 / 5)
Sept 24 2018
Awesombroso. Gracias, amigo
Mario Sept 21 2018
(5 / 5)
Sept 21 2018
Really.. great, thank you very much
Micah Sept 13 2018
(5 / 5)
Sept 13 2018
Works very well although I did have a problem with it crashing in Reaper.
bigcat Sept 19 2018
Sept 19 2018
Sadly Romplers made with Maize don't get on with Reaper. The single instruments should work fine.
Giuseppe Sept 07 2018
(5 / 5)
Sept 07 2018
fantastic product. Very realistic sounds. Sincere congratulations
Douglas Jul 31 2018
(5 / 5)
Jul 31 2018
After getting this one and using it for a few months, I just had to come back and track down this webpage again just to give it a smashing 5-star rating. If it wasn't for this VST, I have absolutely no idea where I would get my orchestral sounds, because except from here I haven't been able to ever find any decent free orchestral samples anywhere, except from the occasional Soundfont. This has completely changed my music forever, most definitely for the better. Thank you so much for this amazing plugin!
Purple6Shaman Aug 25 2018
Aug 25 2018
I agree with You man. :) Love the vst, I also appreciate how the company is not greedy and gave so many sounds for free. :)
Jeff B. Jul 23 2018
(4 / 5)
Jul 23 2018
Does anybody know if this is compatible with FL Studio? I loaded it into my VST folder but I can't find it in my plugins list. I'm a total NOOB, so I don't know if I need to load a .dll or something. I loaded Sonatina Orchestra and it worked alright but not VSCO2. Thanks.
Luca Jul 24 2018
Jul 24 2018
I've just downloaded VSCO2 and it's working perfectly fine in FL Studio! Just put the whole VSCO2_Rompler file in here: Program Files -> Image-Line -> FL Studio 11 -> Plugins -> VST. After that, when you open up FL Studio and hit Channels, you can click on 'More'. You can refresh the list and add VSCO2!
anonymous again Sept 21 2018
Sept 21 2018
It worked! i needed to extract the files firstly. Thank you so much!!!!
Tom Jul 09 2018
Jul 09 2018
Thank you Sam and thank you vst4free!!
daniel io Jun 15 2018
(5 / 5)
Jun 15 2018
Impresionante, muchas gracias.-
Tocopixel May 26 2018
May 26 2018
Well done. Easy to use... Clear, accurate sounds
Fabrizio Mar 09 2018
(5 / 5)
Mar 09 2018
Senza parole, veramente stupendo...gratis!!! Niente di meglio sul web, complimenti!
Starnaf Feb 27 2018
(5 / 5)
Feb 27 2018
Thank you for such a wonderful vst pack. Sounds amazing!
Echostyle Feb 21 2018
(5 / 5)
Feb 21 2018
This pack is one of the best free VST instruments that I have had the pleasure to find. It contains rather high quality sounding instruments (although some instruments are a tiny bit limited) and plenty of articulation to get the perfect sound I was looking for. Although, to versillian studios, do you guys have any Taiko drums?
Versilian Studios Mar 16 2018
Mar 16 2018
No taikos, sorry, but you can try playing around with re-pitching and eq'ing the bass and tom drums to get close if you are up for it. Raw samples are available from the CE github and Freesound.org.
RedJStudios Feb 06 2018
(5 / 5)
Feb 06 2018
This is the best free VST orchestral plugin out there.
LoopyCharm Dec 13 2017
(5 / 5)
Dec 13 2017
Fantastic work, thank you for this!
JD Oct 30 2017
Oct 30 2017
I'm trying to use this in a 64 bit version of Ableton for Mac, with no luck. Won't show up as a component or VST... can anyone help?
Versilian Studios Nov 06 2017
Nov 06 2017
Did you put it in Mac HD:/Libraries/Audio/Plug-Ins/Component (or /VST for Mac VST)? If you put it in /Users/Library/ or such it may not work. Also, it typically takes a few minutes for such a large VST or AU to register in the system.
Thomas Jun 05 2019
Jun 05 2019
I've tried everything myself, but no luck. I put it in the Mac HD:/Libraries/Audio/Plug-Ins/Component folder, and I also put it in the Mac HD:/Libraries/Audio/Plug-Ins/VST folder with the VST file, with no luck in Ableton Live 10. Any help would be appreciated!
firmu Oct 21 2017
Oct 21 2017
A great sounding strings with all the articulations you need. Many thanks.
Zikkk Jul 18 2017
(5 / 5)
Jul 18 2017
Excellent! Couldn't believe it's free!
Cranky May 13 2017
(5 / 5)
May 13 2017
Although the 64-bit version failed to work with Mixcraft 7, causing it to crash when instruments were selected, I now find that the 32-bit one works perfectly.
Paul Feb 28 2020
Feb 28 2020
what bit version did you have ? i have 64 some are crashing
Cranky May 12 2017
(1 / 5)
May 12 2017
64-bit version refuses to work properly with Mixcraft 7. Whenever the drop-down box is used to access an instrument, it either produces no sound or freezes up, also causing Mixcraft do do the same. Very disappointing.
Nigel Nov 06 2018
Nov 06 2018
I've just posted a workaround for this. I'd be interested to know if it works for you.
lukisnootis May 03 2017
(3 / 5)
May 03 2017
Great collection of sounds.
Humid Peony Apr 17 2017
(5 / 5)
Apr 17 2017
This is a very very good thing! Nice sounds, very easy to use, pretty UI. And it is free. Thank you very much Sam Gossner for these samples and thank you BigCat for providing this rompler!
RJ Mar 31 2017
(5 / 5)
Mar 31 2017
Better than kontakt
joe Sabibabi Mar 20 2017
(5 / 5)
Mar 20 2017
Just perfect
danieleD Mar 18 2017
(5 / 5)
Mar 18 2017
No words needed. best of the best.
bigcat Mar 13 2017
Mar 13 2017
Wow thanks to our generous host for making all these available on his server! Just a note this VSCO2 Rompler contains all the VSCO2 instruments in one, so if you have this one you don't need the others.
Joannot Feb 15 2023
Feb 15 2023
Thank you so much