by Xoxos
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Black is a 3D oscillator synthesizer introducing a normalisation synthesis with feedback to produce two new forms of chaotic attractor specified for audio.

It uses a method of compounding and transforming rotations. The result is then normalised to unit length to produce harmonics.

Black combines a 3D oscillator form with "chaos" producing filtered feedback to produce a complex textural synthesis engine with several degrees of continuous variation.

2 "performance modulator" LFOs feature 60 contours including a selection of strange attractors and atypical sequencing options. The gui includes an oscilloscope display.

Black is ideal for producing sounds that will leave people wondering how they could have been made.
galeophie Oct 11 2019
(5 / 5)
Oct 11 2019
I absolutely love this one! It's sounds so spunky and fun!! The sounds go well with each other as well as showing different angles of similar tunes. It's very broken techno and very unique!
Oscillbater Jan 13 2018
(3 / 5)
Jan 13 2018
This is capable of interesting stuff but that GUI with the stripes is really rough on the eyes and makes the labels hard to read.
Jacob Dec 11 2017
(2 / 5)
Dec 11 2017
Like Angle it sounds super cool and is very different but it eventually crashes both FL Studio and Reaper when more than one are added. It's more an exploration of a concept than a functional synth. Use with extreme caution.