Stereo Pulse Ultra
by SynthIV
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Stereo Pulse Ultra is a tempo-synced pulse effect with discrete left and right channels.

Two tempo-synced pulses (volume LFOs) for each side (L/R).  Adjust their timing, alignment, and volume to create rhythmic stereo textures.
  • Left and Right Channels run independently (unless "mix to mono" is on).
  • Bypass switches over the peak meters.  Tempo synced (or set the tempo by typing it in). 
  • Beat division has a TON of options. 
  • Phase slider aligns the pulse waves, or set the phases 5 units apart (5 and 10) to spread the pulses evenly apart. 
  • The selector (front/back) under tempo controls shows/hides a quick help window. 
(3 / 5)
Feb 22 2017
Promising little piece of VST, just tried it, and I already like it