by vescoFx
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Win32 OSX
freeHaas is a stereo image processor.

It offers uncluttered access to essential stereo effect parameters. Turn to freeHaas when you need a more natural sounding pan effect, more clarity in the center of your mix, or just an interesting stereo VST effect.

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Hpcarl Nov 28 2021
(5 / 5)
Nov 28 2021
Muy bueno, totalmente recomendado
Anonymous Mar 27 2019
(5 / 5)
Mar 27 2019
Hilariously, the developer is now asking $5 for a plugin that was free for like 10 years and has free in the name. LOL. I used this for years in a commercial setting to make a buss "stereo-er" in a hurry. It simply delays one channel a bit. Recommend the dev makes a "proHaas" to charge money.
Anonymous Feb 26 2020
Feb 26 2020
If I wanted a more comprehensive haas-type vst, I could get ADT, which is similar and has more features in it.
Pete May 05 2020
May 05 2020
I don't think asking $5 is too much for something that works well and is without problems. There a lot of crap out there that is expensive and doesn't even work right.
cyber_T Jun 23 2020
Jun 23 2020
IMO it´s not hilarious. Maybe the developer was just changing his/her mind because of serious personal reasons. There are other areas of IT where software costs a furtune!
Tiago Jun 12 2018
Jun 12 2018
Very good! Easy for use and real quality, I like for acoustic guitar Muito bom! Facil de usar e uma qualidade real, Eu gosto para Violao
(5 / 5)
Jan 25 2017
VescoFX is one of the simplest yet very effective VST FX, the developer does good quality sound too FOR us with those.