by KBplugs
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Tyro is an u-he Diva emulation.

This emulation is inspired by the real unit circuits but is not aiming to sound accurate to the original synth. No presets.

Connernotreal Jun 26 2020
Jun 26 2020
"Real circuits". Also not sure of how ethical this is. Wonder what Uhe thinks.
ImissVL1 Jun 20 2021
Jun 20 2021
It is unethical.
Gwugluud Barcher Jul 11 2021
Jul 11 2021
They didn't lift the circuits from Diva. They emulated them. So I guess all guitar amp vsts are unethical, since everyone saw Amplitube break into the Fender plant, then leave with a Twin Reverb, which they crammed into their vst.
Jon Jul 23 2021
Jul 23 2021
You do know that the Fender sims in Amplitube is officially endorsed by Fender® Musical Instruments Corporation, right?
bradley Jul 24 2019
Jul 24 2019
This vst is dope
Anonymous Nov 18 2018
Nov 18 2018
Recently given a brush-up; be sure to get the latest version.
GSilent Nov 10 2017
(3 / 5)
Nov 10 2017
Tyro is very nice and easy to handle. CPU Load is acceptable. Thank you KBplugs