Insoniq EZQ-1
by KBplugs
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Insoniq EZQ-1 is an Ensoniq SQ-80 / ESQ-1 emulation.

This emulation is inspired by the real unit circuits but is not aiming to sound accurate to the hardware synth. No presets just like the real thing.

Malau Mar 30 2020
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Mar 30 2020
As soon as my DAW reads the plugin folder, EZQ-1 is asking 3 times for a wavetable file - whatever that is. When I finally manage to get in, the synth default sound sounds amazing ! But as soon as I try to change a preset then up pops the wavetable requests again. So i've got to remove it, sorry, it's just too annoying.
KBplugs Aug 05 2020
Aug 05 2020
Check out the latest update; totally new oscillators with all the actual waves/samples of the SQ-80, plus all the waves from the Prophet VS - and no annoying pop-up.
Reticular Oct 11 2020
Oct 11 2020
@KBplugs - Insoniq is not on the download list on your page, i would like to check the newer updates as i was trying out all of your plugins a year ago and actually played with 2-3 that were of my taste. Cheers
Wikter Feb 15 2020
Feb 15 2020
1.01 version adds modulation to the wavetable. Lovely!!! Was it because of someone's suggestion?
wikter@mvxsynths May 25 2017
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May 25 2017
Why does it need to specify the wavetable each time the preset is changed??
K Brown May 28 2017
May 28 2017
It's a quirk of the function that enables loading a custom wavetable (the 'load' button). I could prevent this but only by eliminating that option - worth it maybe?
Wikter@mvxsynths Feb 15 2020
Feb 15 2020
Of course not. In fact, which format should be that wavetable??
K Brown Apr 24 2020
Apr 24 2020
.txt I don't know how others can generate those; there are a few tools in Flowstone to create them.
Karl G. Jul 22 2022
Jul 22 2022
I appreciate your work... But its just not user friendly enough for me... No presets why? Load some presets into your synths on plugins for free and I will donate then...