by Smartelectronix
3.6 / 5     (11 votes)
Foorius allows you to explore and combine multiple synthesis methods in a single patch.
  • 16 note polyphony.
  • FM, AM, VA, Wave-sequencing and Noise Oscillators.
  • Filters including circuit modeled Analog filters.
  • Freely routable signals.
  • Built in effects.
  • 20 LFO's and 20 128-point Envelopes.
  • Advanced midi handling.
  • 80 patches.
foobar Sept 16 2018
(4 / 5)
Sept 16 2018
This is a very deep and capable 4-op FM synth, however it's got a steep learning curve. Also it has a really annoying nag screen that reappears every 2 minutes. Think of it as the baby brother to Native Instruments FM7 or Sytrus. I would say it's in a similar league to Oxe FM, but with many more LFOs and envelopes. However it is not multitimbral. It's also a bit CPU hungry, and a bit buggy in my VST host (some crashes/glitches sometimes), so your mileage may vary.
Smashed Transistors Oct 07 2014
(1 / 5)
Oct 07 2014
Crashed under Reaper
TomazzZzzz May 20 2015
May 20 2015
Then your reaper is unstable.. coz I am running reaper under linux and foorius is not crashing.
acrataluis Mar 17 2009
(5 / 5)
Mar 17 2009
A crazy one... Not too fat, but very interesting.