Chorg DS-600
by KBplugs
4.2 / 5     (5 votes)
Chorg DS-600 is a Korg DS-8 emulation.

This emulation is inspired by the real unit circuits but is not aiming to sound accurate to the hardware synth. No presets just like the real thing.

prometeus May 10 2019
May 10 2019
Yuk! It sounds really good!!! :-))
Anonymous Nov 18 2018
Nov 18 2018
The "exact same descriptions" that you see here on vst4free are written by them, not me - go to my website and on the second page are individual descriptions of each.
Rin Sept 06 2018
(5 / 5)
Sept 06 2018
Not a bad emulation. In fact, I quite like it. And for the person defaming K. Brown because "all of the synths sound the same": I'd like to see you try to program your own VST synthesizer, but don't be surprised if somebody else pulls the same juvenile move and downvotes every synth you release. ;)
E. Nuff al-Redy Apr 04 2018
(1 / 5)
Apr 04 2018
This guy has 60 synths on this site that are all made with Synthmaker. They're all pretty weak and they all sound the same. They also all happen to have the exact same description. Therefore I'm going to give them all the exact same review.
cmax Mar 18 2018
(5 / 5)
Mar 18 2018
Anonymous Feb 24 2017
(5 / 5)
Feb 24 2017
The Chorg isn't really a Korg clone, put an easy to use, delicious sounding true FM synth with easy to adjust sounds and a nice and easy user interface. I love it. Thanks!
ChinChillah Jan 25 2017
Jan 25 2017
Holy Toledo, this KB has 'Virtualized" one of my fave synths! FM made easy, with KB's signature clean and elegant GUI found on all of his plugs that makes programming simple. And contrary to what he says, this one really does sound close, though without the "grit" of the original's output (Just add a amp/gain plug and you're there).
ProfGene Jan 21 2017
Jan 21 2017
I have a Korg DS 8 in fact it was my first synthesizer but I haven't played it for years as changing the batter means taking it all apart. It does have presets in fact some very good ones. I haven't played this a lot yet but it has a nice clean rich sound.
marcello Dec 26 2021
Dec 26 2021
Do you still have Korg Ds-8? Don't you have a presets named Fantasie 1 Fantasie 2 and FAT Solo?