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Boogaloo is a 2 oscillators polyphonic synthesizer.

Redeen Jul 09 2017
(3 / 5)
Jul 09 2017
The rack metaphor is fitting both because Boogaloo is 80's retro and because of the pleasant surprise that it comes bundled with four rack units that do different things and have distinct color-coded faceplates. There is nothing that really sets Boogaloo apart from similar VSTs, but it is great fun to mess around with and has a simple, intuitive GUI allowing very rapid patch transformation and crafting. I was able to set the mod wheel and other knobs to control parameters, but had a little trouble reloading them (YMMV). The first rack unit was monophonic and weak in timbre (but full of reto "character"). The other racks are polyphonic and more sophisticated. No one had reviewed Boogaloo, and it warrants a test drive. EVM has a raft of great VSTs - I hope they run with the cool name, maybe add an arpeggiator and cook up some solid retro funk presets. That would bring this unsung plugin up to par with their other offerings and provide focus.