VSCO2 Double Bass
by bigcat Instruments
4.0 / 5     (6 votes)
Win32 Win64 OSX
VSCO2 Double Bass is a sampled double bass.

Samples were recorded by Versilian Studios / Sam Gossner.

You can switch between 7 groups:
  • Sustain.
  • Vibrato
  • Pizzicato.
  • Spiccato.
  • Tremolo.
  • Sustain f.
  • Sustain p.

Info : won't work with Windows XP.

spears Jul 17 2023
(4 / 5)
Jul 17 2023
Sounds really good
TFSui Oct 04 2022
(5 / 5)
Oct 04 2022
It's free. Works great and I like the way it sounds.
ReaperBod Aug 23 2022
Aug 23 2022
Why won't this show up in my Reaper list of virtual instrument? Is there a trick/special place to save it? All plug ins for Reaper I have used so far just automatically add themselves...
vannilla productions Nov 02 2023
Nov 02 2023
Sorry for being late but Versilian Studios has stated that vsco2 does not work on reaper, if you wanna use this and the other vsco2 instruments you're gonna need to switch daws. I personally use fl studio but you can use any daw of your choice
Dr Tonka Feb 04 2022
(3 / 5)
Feb 04 2022
I really like this, except for one thing: when I set the articulation to say, plucked instead of bow, it doesn't "stick", and every time I open the project I have to reset it from bowed to plucked, even though I saved the Project with plucked selected. This happens in both Ableton and Reaper. Also, there are a few notes with some noise in them - someone here said it sounds like snare rattle, and I'd agree. Luckily that doesn't show in a mix, only in solo. So, 2 points off. Otherwise, it is pretty nice, and I like it and use it.
Versilian Studios Aug 18 2022
Aug 18 2022
You need to use the Keyswitches (yellow range at the top) to select the articulation at the start of your piece. Enter the keyswitch corresponding to staccato, for example, at the very very start of your piece, before any note, and it will thus ensure that when you play the piece from the beginning, staccato will be selected. This is standard industry practice used in all virtual instruments that use Keyswitches.
Agua Oct 18 2020
Oct 18 2020
I have copied the files in my vst directory and got it scanned by Reaper but when I add it as an FX to a midi track it says it cannot find any instruments... Any solution to this ?
hugh Sep 25 2022
Sep 25 2022
I am having the same problem
hugh Sep 25 2022
Sep 25 2022
I think I figgured this out. You need to also drop the .mss file in to the vst folder
Rimsa Gee Dec 30 2022
Dec 30 2022
I had the same problem. Your .mse file must be placed in a separate folder from the .dll
Rath Apr 02 2023
Apr 02 2023
Hey Guys! I'm having the same issue with cannot find instrument when I add the fx.. I have the .dll file and .mse placed in a folder in the vst directory... I messed up something as I was able to run the fx yesterday.
mm Jun 06 2020
Jun 06 2020
How can i install this? I know about .dll file but what is .mse?
Resposta Aug 24 2020
Aug 24 2020
Só é copiar para uma pasta que voc ônão vai altera ou apaga o arquivo. E em seguida scanner a pasta utilizando a Daw que você utilizar (cubase, reaper e etc)
The Ionic Duo Nov 30 2018
(5 / 5)
Nov 30 2018
The Ionic Duo approves! The Double Bass is iconic.
Googly Moogleson Jan 26 2022
Jan 26 2022
Thank God, I only get instruments that the Ionic Duo have personally approved so this is a relief.
javier Jun 24 2018
(5 / 5)
Jun 24 2018
Very good sound
fruitcake May 02 2017
(2 / 5)
May 02 2017
Sounds good enough and it has some option on articulation. But, on E2 (and F2#, F2) it really sounds like snare drum strings vibrating in the room and then the snare tension clamp being clicked loose. Really amateur and annoying when the instrument plays solo.
tim Apr 03 2017
Apr 03 2017
Articulation button is not working
bigcat Apr 17 2017
Apr 17 2017
In the VSCO2 VSTs the key switches are the only way to change the articulation. The yellow keys are the key switches and note that C# and D# switch to the shorts.