by Stone Voices
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Brandulator is a 3 comb filters effect controlled by an arpeggiator.

It creates a special audio effect with a unique sound that is similar to the flanger, vocoder and the harmonizer, but has a different operating principle, in which the input signal is branched into three channels is adapted comb filters, tone their settings can be changed to 16th times per bar.

The effect also functions as a kind of arpeggiator that operates synchronously with the DAW, so the detailed design should have an appropriate time signature, although it is not required. Tonal settings of each channel can be set either manually using the controls, and accident in accordance with a predetermined harmonic law selected from the list, numbering about three hundred different harmonies. Randomization of tones can be performed either manually or automatically at the beginning of each bar 1,2,3..8.
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Sesa Jul 27 2022
Jul 27 2022
No sound in LMMS hmmm ???
Ian Oct 19 2019
Oct 19 2019
This thing is cool!
raven Aug 04 2018
(5 / 5)
Aug 04 2018
great tool
CAMELEON06 Mar 11 2017
Mar 11 2017
Unfortunately, this plug-in does not want me to work. Always I download vst 32 bit, although I have Windows7 64 bit. Marazmator works without problems and Brandulator not. Just no sound ..
haha Jun 20 2021
Jun 20 2021
You need to install this vst as 64 bit
Martin Jul 23 2021
Jul 23 2021
Why use 32bit plugs on a 64bit rig? you are missing out on 64-bit float computation that has a couple of advantages over 32-bit float, especially at the summing stage of mixing audio
Healey Oct 16 2016
Oct 16 2016
I must say, this is a powerful little fx. 99% sure I made alien contact when combined with Serum at 4 in the morning.
Reticular Jun 18 2020
Jun 18 2020
How did it go? You still here?
Anonymous Oct 15 2016
(5 / 5)
Oct 15 2016
Really unique; moreover, plugins with a random button are very nice.
MM Oct 14 2016
Oct 14 2016
I realy like this plugin!