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DoubleToner is a dual-quad-band distortion.

Change some small details or damage your sound beyond recognition. The dual-quad-band distortion concept of the DoubleToner gives you a variety of possibilities to enhance your audio production.

Play with the crossover filter to distribute the incoming audio band on the two independent distortion units. Change the color of the expanded sound with the four analog approximated band-pass-filter units. Use the crossover fader to mix the resulting bands to an individual processed output signal.
  • Dual-quad-band distortion concept.
  • 4 independent analog approximated filter units.
  • 2 independent distortion units.
  • 4 programmable user presets.
  • Smoothed controller fading.
Roman Dec 24 2017
(5 / 5)
Dec 24 2017
Nice plugin. Very well optimized for such an extensive tool.
Anonymous Nov 25 2017
(5 / 5)
Nov 25 2017
Very professional!
Anonymous Aug 02 2016
(0 / 5)
Aug 02 2016
No sorry, this Plugin freezes my CPU and the distortion units doesnt sound that great. Maybe a simple high and lowband distortion would be more usefull as an Quattroband.
Peter (Rebel-Audio) Oct 11 2016
Oct 11 2016
Version 1.11 improved the cpu-run-time.