Hurdy Gurdy
by Samsara Cycle Audio
2.8 / 5     (8 votes)
Hurdy Gurdy is a medieval instrument.

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Jorgen Jul 07 2022
(5 / 5)
Jul 07 2022
This one works very well and sounds good right out of the box. Thank you!
AngelEowyn Oct 08 2020
(5 / 5)
Oct 08 2020
This works between C3 and C5. Thank you for this :)
Andrew B Jan 06 2020
(0 / 5)
Jan 06 2020
No sound at all. FL Studio. Windows.
tchack Jan 09 2021
Jan 09 2021
Did you try the right octave ? real instruments have a limited range of notes available ... Some vst are accurately simulate this
Threika Jul 27 2019
(4 / 5)
Jul 27 2019
Only works for the absolute lowest keys? It sounds ok (esp if you add reverb) but can be cumbersome to use with a keyboard cause over 2/3 of your keys will do nothing so you can end up having to transpose everything or get clever with your composing if the key you're playing in doesn't line up perfectly with the notes you have available.
Cianf Jun 29 2019
Jun 29 2019
It works between C3 C5
Rene Mar 14 2019
(3 / 5)
Mar 14 2019
Tried it in FL20 and worked fine. The hearable range is very narrow so one has to find the right octave I guess. Quality is ok for a free plugin.
YOE Feb 26 2019
Feb 26 2019
Doesn't work at all, no sound. Dissapointed
ThanosT Jul 06 2018
(0 / 5)
Jul 06 2018
This vsti will not output any sound. Very bad quality control. (Cubase 9.5 64bit (JBridge, Win 10).
Anon Mar 22 2018
Mar 22 2018
Not sound at all from the plugin for FL11, tried all the usual fixes and nothing
dazz Mar 05 2018
(1 / 5)
Mar 05 2018
Same as Anon5: Installed fine, receives the midi input but no sound in Cubase 9.5 with W7 Pro. Shame.
JimmyJames Aug 14 2017
Aug 14 2017
I can not get this to work what so ever. I have tried everything. All my others work. i see everything working. And I get no sound at all. There has to be a bug in this. Windows 10 home, 64bit, 32gb ram, Focusrite 18i20, i74790k. Does this vsti just not work at all in 64bit?????? I can normally get 32bit to work. But nothing with this one.
enzo2090 Nov 11 2016
(4 / 5)
Nov 11 2016
Good, adjust it a bit and add a reverb and it sounds great :)
Anon5 Oct 10 2016
Oct 10 2016
For some reason the VST does not output any sound via Cubase. It definitely recieves the MIDI input, and other VSTs have no trouble. Any ideas?