by Verklagekasper
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Moppeltron is a morphing synthesizer which employs the Discrete-Summation Formulae (DSF) synthesis technique proposed by James A. Moorer.

This technique has capabilities similar to those of frequency modulation, yet it has the advantage that the number of partials can be exactly specified and that also one-sided spectra can be generated. By morphing between two mixes of DSF parameter sets, Moppeltron is capable of synthesizing a wide variety of sounds and effects.
  • Two DSF parameter sets defining the partials. Exact specification of the number of partials, the maximum frequency, and all other parameters is possible by using text entry fields. One-sided or two-sided spectra.
  • A morphing unit allowing static mixes of the two DSF parameter sets as well as dynamic warping between two mixes using an ADSR envelope or an LFO.
  • ADSR envelope and a gain for volume control. Embedded piano keyboard control.
  • MIDI control of all parameters. Easy MIDI-CC assignment by MIDI learn function.
  • 16 voice polyphony, or mono. Note sliding. Adjustable pitch bend range.
  • 64 presets.
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Miki Apr 23 2018
(5 / 5)
Apr 23 2018
An unusual synth. Most of the presets benefit from a little reverb and delay, My favourite being Thermin, a cool theramin that chorded up sounds like a warm jazz instrument. The Stylophone preset is great and many of the others make very playable instruments. The sounds seem to change timbre as you move up and down the keyboard, maybe due to the unusual synthesis method. Love it!