by Davi Santos
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Win32 Win64
DvnMIDIMeter is a MIDI plugin to adjust the notes velocity accordingly to a metric accent.
  • Support all commons time signatures (1-16 for the numerator and 2,4,8 and 16 for the denominator).
  • Per beat accent control.
  • Input note velocity controls the depth of the effect for each note.
  • Dynamic knob for fine tune the output velocities for crescendos/decrescendos.
  • Range and Randomize knobs to adjust the dynamic range of the notes.
  • Input MIDI filter to process only the notes you want.
  • All parameters can be automated.
Anonymous Dec 05 2019
(5 / 5)
Dec 05 2019
Great tool for any composer!
Max Nov 03 2017
(4 / 5)
Nov 03 2017
Basically a 'step sequencer' for velocity data. For example, a constant velocity input can be translated into different velocities for each beat at output, based on settings. With an additional switch, input velocity can be taken into account, too. Can set output velocity for each beat by dragging the bars. Double-clicking sets bar to 50%. Can set time signature by dragging the signature numbers. Dragging round knobs (but not bars) while holding the SHIFT or CTRL key allows fine adjustments of values. Knobs and bars can be linked to a controller and automated, allowing to change Accents over time. The 'Dynamic' knob sets the baseline velocity output, i.e. the velocity that is achieved when a bar is set to zero. The 'Range' knob sets a number that is added to the baseline to achieve the maximum velocity. Consequently, the sum of 'Dynamic' and 'Range' settings is the velocity that is generated when a bar is at its maximum. To cover the full velocity range (0-127) set 'Dynamic' to zero and 'Range' to 120 (maximum). Randomize knob adds another velocity value, picked at random in the range of 0 to maximally 10 with every beat. This creates a small wobble in the resulting overall velocity. Tried in FL Studio. Did work with 3rd party VSTi's, but not with FL stock plugins. Setup procedure in FL is not supplied by developer. Setup in Patcher failed. The following setup method was successful: The plugin is loaded as a VST effect into an effects slot of a mixer channel, then supplied with MIDI notes. In detail: 1.) Load a velocity-sensitive VSTi into a channel in the Channel Rack. Set MIDI Input Port to a number (e.g. Port 20). Assign a Mixer Channel (e.g. Channel 1). 2.) Load DvnMIDIMeter into an Effects Slot of a different Mixer Channel (e.g. Channel 7). Set MIDI Output Port to the same number as the MIDI Input Port of the VSTi to be controlled (here: Port 20). Set MIDI Input Port to a different number (e.g. Port 19). 3.) Load a MIDI Out channel into the Channel Rack. Set MIDI (Output) Port number to the same number as the MIDI Input Port of DvnMIDIMeter (here: Port 19). 4.) Play MIDI notes via the MIDI Out channel. Sound of the VSTi, modulated by DvnMIDIMeter, will be heard.