Atonoise 2
by HG Fortune
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Atonoise 2 is an atonal mangler designed for SciFi and others alike sounds.

Atonoise 2 is a widely enhanced version of prior Atonoise and is basically built around the modified Mystify processors of the Avatar ST VSTi Synth. Thus it can mangle up sounds to a great extend beyond recognition. It can be used on virtually any kind of sounds like vocals, drumloops, tracks and is even suited for deep sample processing if very few til no modulation is involved. For a more easy access and to give you some ideas of the capabilities a small set of internal samples (including vocals, drumloops & track excerpts) is used for the internal preset bank.
  • Pro Version 2C (True Stereo version).
  • 2 x Stereo Mystify with three selctable types (Brite, Soft, Dark).
  • 1 x Stereo Filter with 2 types (LP, HP).
  • 1 x bpm synced Stereo Delay.
  • 6 x LFO, 1 x Duo LFO, 1 x S&H.
  • 1 x Gator for gating modulations.
  • 1 semi parametric 3Band Stereo EQ, 1 small Reverb for adding some nice flavour.
  • plus dll Pro Version 1C (Mono til output Pan) lighter on CPU than True Stereo version.
Tip: How to make it work... May 06 2017
(4 / 5)
May 06 2017
This (or these, there are two versions in ZIP) registers itself as VST, not VSTi. However, it works OK, if loaded as VSTi. So, if it doesn't seem to work, try loading it from effects (or however your DAW sees it).
Tiger Apr 23 2017
(5 / 5)
Apr 23 2017
Works ok for me in Ableton Live 8 Lite, 32 bit.
E.T GEMINI Mar 22 2016
(2 / 5)
Mar 22 2016
I like HG Fortune and I enjoy using the first Atonoise but this is the only plugin of HG's that won't work for me, sad to say.
Mark (FlyingScooter) Dec 23 2016
Dec 23 2016
Hi, yeah, this one doesn't run for me either. That's okay though as this Creator gave us all so much freely. E.T Gemini: Peace and profound creativity be your journey!