by AcmeBarGig
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RedShift allows you to replace the tone of your guitar's pickup with a huge list of alternatives and provides you the versatility you need without having to spend money on several guitars.

From active rail pickups to lipstick-style single coils, from warm 50's humbuckers to high output modern varieties, RedShift covers every style of playing. Additionally, Red Shift allows you to change the material that makes up the body of your guitar. In addition to providing a variety of woods, AcmeBarGig decided to provide you with some more interesting options. Guitars made of pyrex, granite, and even human tissue, are available for those who aren't afraid to experiment.
  • Simulate replacing your guitar's pickups and its material.
  • Bypass the material changing section if you just want to change the pickups.
  • Get tones out of your guitar that you had never imagined to be possible.
  • Volume adjustable in three stages of the processing.
Anonymous Jul 14 2017
Jul 14 2017
I like this one but you have to make sure you attenuate the volume before playing back tracks. This sucker is loud and will pin your ears back. Otherwise its got some cool sounds. I just wish there was more variety in the drop down or the wave forms used could be adjusted.
Loopita Sampling Dec 12 2016
(5 / 5)
Dec 12 2016
Well done!!!! more time you surprise me again with your incredible vst's....use with patient, look for the exact sound you need, put it with the correct partners in the chain...and ready!! have your guitar!!!....5 stars, THANKS A LOT, Acmebargig...once again!!!
Emrah Benligil Sept 06 2016
(5 / 5)
Sept 06 2016
If such a stomp pedal would exist, I would simply buy it and use before any drive, distortion pedal or amp. It has been only half an hour, I use it before Deep Cruch I also download it from here and my custom strat with duncan everything axe set (which are pretty well pickups) alive. It functions well also as a configurable booster fx. Finding a nice solo tone has never been a child's play. Congrats thousand times, and I hope that you sell this idea also a stomp pedal. Emrah from Istanbul, Turkey
Данил Jun 18 2021
Jun 18 2021
It's exist. Google: Mooer Tone Capture
opeth Aug 26 2016
(4 / 5)
Aug 26 2016
Very cool idea, it helps to take the picking sound out of high gain amps. Very cool vst and really the only one of its kind that I've seen!