Series 60
by AcmeBarGig
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Series 60 is a guitar amp head designed to play Metal.

Series 60 is Power defined. It is set out to make it equivalent to an 8,000 watt amplifier, so believe it, there's enough power in this amp to make your skull crumble and your toes go numb. Series 60 comes with a built-in Drive Amp and you have some scary potential for gain, the Death Metallers out there should LOVE the Series 60.
Robinson Carvajal Dec 23 2018
(5 / 5)
Dec 23 2018
The Acme Bar Gig developer was genius plus a very interesting philosophical (yes! Philosophical) stance. I keep and still use their plugins. His obsession was not to imitate products but to seek his own identity. This preamp is among the most furious High Gain I know. Great plugin!