by AcmeBarGig
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C-15 is a guitar amp head dedicated to play Metal.

C-15 is insanity controlled. One turn of a knob lets you know this amp is one step away from being out of control, but the knob itself possesses all the harness required to make sure that C-15 does not lose its head. Forcing a C-15 to hold back is not the best way to treat it, in the real world that can manifest itself in many ways, in the ABG C-15 head it manifests itself in limited tone qualities, Crank it up and let it cut loose, you will be rewarded with a high gain that delivers crisp over tones and rich soundscape. This is a METAL Head, nothing else.
Rockkley Sept 02 2018
(4 / 5)
Sept 02 2018
Not much different from other AcmeBarGig amps as is in my experience