by AcmeBarGig
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DIG, short for Dual Integrated Gain, is a highly tweakable tube guitar amp and effects suite.

Based on of a pair of high gain 12AX7 tubes, DIG is capable of everything from shimmering cleans to the highest gain heavy metal shred tones. Internally customizable parameters allow you to completely change the character of the amp and model real amplifiers.
  • All features are bypass-able.
  • Twin 12AX7 preamp tubes, individually bypass-able. for a range of crunch and searing lead tones.
  • Tweakable tonestack EQ for precision sculpting your tone.
  • 2 Tweakable Crossovers and 2 filters for emulating your favorite amps.
  • Whisper: Clean amp with powerful EQ section, with a wide range of tones.
  • Mono/Stereo Delay, with delay times of up to 6 seconds.
  • Noise Gate, specially designed for DIG.
  • Cabinet Shaper for getting the perfect cabinet tone. Bypass-able. for use with external cabinet IRs.
  • Preset Manager.
I tried Jul 25 2018
(4 / 5)
Jul 25 2018
What I was looking for: low CPU, great range of sounds, but since you can't save the settings in Reaper (despite your helpful suggestion) I'll keep looking.
Ray Jan 05 2018
Jan 05 2018
Sounds awesome but it is no where near loud enough.
Phil Jul 14 2017
(4 / 5)
Jul 14 2017
Love the sound. Unfortunately you can't save the settings :( So when using it in Reaper, when you close everything and reopen, all the recorded tracks go back to the default settings.
Chona Mi Feb 19 2018
Feb 19 2018
You can always save a preset with any plugin in REAPER.
dctoe Dec 30 2021
Dec 30 2021
Phil's doing something wrong.
JayBones May 12 2017
(5 / 5)
May 12 2017
One word.. W O W !!!