3D Panner
by Mildon
2.8 / 5     (6 votes)
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3D Panner puts your sound inside a virtual studio room and lets you pan in three dimensions.

This effect uses a combination of smart frequency shaping, reverb, and EQ to achieve realistic results. Useful for quickly mixing together multiple tracks/instruments by giving each one their own space.

e-night Jan 31 2020
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Jan 31 2020
Doing anything other than adjusting the distance slider silences the plugin until you touch the distance slider again. It's a shame, because otherwise this could be a useful tool.
Anonymous Sept 18 2019
Sept 18 2019
Good plugin, but it stops the other tracks from playing.
Troy Musson Jun 11 2017
Jun 11 2017
Good plugin but you can only put one instance in a mix as it stops the other tracks from playing in studio one , so not much use as it is.
Segun Jun 08 2020
Jun 08 2020
Aren't you supposed to put it on the master buss? And let everything play through it?
Anonymous Jan 15 2017
Jan 15 2017
Dude you have to fix this. Its a good plugin but it keeps sopping my tracks from playing