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Leto is a VSTi emulation of the Synthetone SX1000, a monosynth released by Italian manufacturer Jen in 1977.

Leto’s single oscillator can generate a sawtooth, square or pulse waveform (with adjustable pulsewidth).  It has a noise generator enabling you to add white or pink noise to the sound. Two ADSR envelopes control the volume and filter cutoff respectively.  A single LFO can modulate the pitch, filter cutoff and pulsewidth simultaneously.
Quatermass III Jan 07 2018
Jan 07 2018
Great little synth....it has a lot of character, like other Contralogic instruments. (Cadencia, Snorgan, etc) I've used it for years. Also, a better emulation than any of its rivals. Very quick and easy to create decent sounds.
Max Sept 25 2017
(5 / 5)
Sept 25 2017
Straightforward, versatile, decent sounding monophonic synth. Well-organized GUI. Good for basslines. Functional grouping of knobs (e.g. VCO vibrato, LFO speed and VCF LFO) is emphasized by color coding.
Ferroll May 16 2016
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May 16 2016
Don't waste your time.
Octavius Mar 20 2016
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Mar 20 2016
Small size but efficient sound, it's a little monster.