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RPS-1 is a pattern sequencing sampler plugin designed primarily for the rapid creation of percussion sequences with random variations.

The operation is similar to a standard step sequencer, however in addition to a step being either on or off, a probability can be specified – which governs the chance that the sample will be triggered at that point in time. RPS-1 also outputs MIDI data and can therefore be used to trigger another plugin or sampler etc.

EduR Jun 01 2024
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Jun 01 2024
Nice work! Big work on demo presets, they are very suggestive to learn the keys and then start a jam party from scratch, adding a loop, a guitar riff, or MCing , (try slow tempos for funk, rap, urban grooves)
Goo Dec 26 2023
Dec 26 2023
Good plugin
Anonymous Jun 26 2020
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Jun 26 2020
Brilliant idea.
bindlestiff Feb 05 2020
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Feb 05 2020
This is THE one! There are several good choices here on this site for drum machines and drum synths, but they are either limited in their kit choices or don't have built-in automation potentials. Here you get 8 slots that allow you to easily install your own percussive choices. The set-able probability factor stuffs that robot feel. Until you get a feel for laying out sequences, you can just build your own kits using the presets as a template and note the VAST alteration different kits have on the same sequence. Built-in LFO's and bit-crushers for each slot. Superb versatile and simple to use. Layer a few machines on top of each other and the rhythmic potentials grow exponentially.
beatterri Apr 03 2019
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Apr 03 2019
This machine reminds me of the old reaktor machine called MASSIVE, it is a 6-part sampler, with the same utilities as this freeware, I love this idea of virtual machines.
LK Jul 05 2017
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Jul 05 2017
I love this little machine. I just hoping that some day the developer will do some more work on it. 5 stars+
someone May 22 2016
(4 / 5)
May 22 2016
It sounds good.