Kwop 7
by GTG
4.0 / 5     (27 votes)
Analog synth with a look that reminds of old hardware synths. Very warm and fat sound.
bator Aug 17 2021
Aug 17 2021
Anybody has a proper way to make these work on MAC? thx
Василий Петрович Dec 08 2020
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Dec 08 2020
Зачем выпускать такие синты с поганым звуком, очень поганым? - Если бы этот синтезатор был бы со своими родными сэмплами, тогда это была бы вещь!
Jed Oct 22 2023
Oct 22 2023
Звук неплохой для бесплатного синта. А если тебе нравится уже записанные сэмплы, которые везде будут звучать одинаково, то скачай IK multimedia Sampletank.
absolutefunnyman May 20 2020
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May 20 2020
Sounds lovely and full, presets sound nice and dark too
gridsleep May 17 2019
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May 17 2019
If only it were named QWOP, it would qualify for a meme.
slimmErik Jan 08 2019
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Jan 08 2019
Wow, this sounds great. Presets are very nice, and they give you a great starting point to start tweaking the sound in many different ways, without the risk of getting lost. Something that happens a lot with the more complex plugins. This plugin is no longer available via the GTG website (I wonder why) but thanks to vst4free we can still get this nice synth. Oh and I don't know if it is made to emulate a real synth. I have never seen a real juno 6 so I really can't tell. But I don't really care, it's a good plugin, I like it.
Zark Feb 09 2017
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Feb 09 2017
I don't know why GTG doesn't have this on their page, it's a beauty. It has that growly phase relationship with the sub oscillator that gives it an analogness that the SixMonthJune just doesn't have at all. Good filter, easy on the CPU, only missing a mono mode. But set up a nice poly setting, put a Chorus 60 plugin on it and you'll get sounds that will bring tears to your eyes.
Moerschbacher Sept 30 2015
Sept 30 2015
Had not been to GTG's site in a while... I see that a few older ones (Like this one) are not there any more. I have, I think, just about all of the Plugs they ever produced. Let me know if you need or want them.
VST4FREE Sept 30 2015
Sept 30 2015
Please click on the left top corner "GTG" link to see what is listed here... Contact me if you have unlisted plug-ins, will be great to share !
Hicks Feb 22 2015
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Feb 22 2015
Ein Frühwerk von GTG. Nicht schlecht. Seine sp�teren Sachen sind besser und es gibt auch bessere Junos. (An early work of GTG. Not bad. There is better stuff from him and there are better Junos.)
Fusus on Soundcloud Dec 09 2014
Dec 09 2014
One of the most analogue VSTi's I've ever used. Might not be very complex but has a really fat sound and the chorus adds a lovely touch of space too. If you like the 106/60 sound get this one downloaded, its lurvley :)
idmgeek Sept 29 2014
(4 / 5)
Sept 29 2014
Cool sound, very usefull thx.
andy Dec 22 2011
Dec 22 2011
Lots of Juno 60 modelled synths, including this one , SixMonthJune and a few others. Shame it lacks some of the features that the (inferior sounding) later model 106 has, particularly LFO settings. But a great analog plug in.
Big D.U.D.E Unit Nov 07 2011
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Nov 07 2011
So nice presets, I love it.
human Feb 08 2011
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Feb 08 2011
Looks like juno 6 and - yes - it also sounds a bit like it. Nice one
deepwatermusic Jun 22 2010
(5 / 5)
Jun 22 2010
Very nice and usuable.