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Win32 Win64 OSX
DrumTROOP is a drum kit rompler coming with 20 free drum kits.
  • 20 free drum kits.
  • 128 triggers on every kit.
  • 16 outputs.
  • Universal drum placement on the first 8 pads.
  • Vol, Pan, Attack, Release per pad.
Jared Mar 11 2022
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Mar 11 2022
Great sounds just in first kit. Used in Ableton in the looper cause you have to open each track in its own audio track. Great YouTube video shows you step by step and it is fast. My comment in vid. Thank you. It works now. Great set-up but 16 tracks is over the top. Like individual control of effects. I have Ableton live intro so 16 is max channels of anything. I just use all 16 for the looper and close tracks for voice and bass. Once you figure out drum sounds in the kit you like you can just open the ones you want to save tracks. YouTube vid to watch: https://youtu.be/hnlnjGWjSpM
Lou Sep 03 2023
Sep 03 2023
Hey Jared, Do you have a copy of Drumtroop or is it not available due to there is no website for DUBturbo? I downloaded it but no sounds even show up in my system, The minute i launch it it says " no page found ". Is there no way now to get this vst?
Alton Dec 27 2021
Dec 27 2021
Hi! I'm having issues with the administrator to allow Drumtooper in vst folder. How can I achieve this?
Anon Aug 25 2021
Aug 25 2021
Too bad their homepage is down. It has been closed for some years. Using archive.org I managed to download some freeware.
DJ Guacharaca Jul 07 2021
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Jul 07 2021
Una Batería Increíble, con sonidos excelentes. Los que han tenido problemas con ella y solo les suena C3, deben configurarla como un instrumento multicanal, es decir, que los sonidos van a salir por distintos canales, permitiendo agregar efectos individualmente
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Jun 20 2021
Is this supposed to be a joke?
taka May 20 2021
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May 20 2021
Only c3 is working. Others are no sound on Windows-64.
DJ Guacharaca Jul 07 2021
Jul 07 2021
Those who have had problems with it and only C3 sounds, should configure it as a multichannel instrument, that is, the sounds will come out on different channels, allowing you to add effects individually
jakub Mar 29 2021
Mar 29 2021
Not working on mac, only 1 kick...i need more:-)can you help me?
dannyboy Jan 08 2021
Jan 08 2021
For those struggling on Reaper. Go to the FX UI for DrumTroop in your FX window for the track. In the area above the DrumTroop UI there is a button that says 2/32 out. This indicates only one output is routed to each stereo channel. DrumTroop has 16 outputs. Click on the 2/32 out button. You will see a map of which instrument output goes to which output channel. For each "Output X Right", select the R channel (this should fill in the box) and for each "Output X Left", select the L channel. Do this for all output pins and you should hear all the instrument sounds.
Bo Mar 20 2021
Mar 20 2021
Great fix, thanks! I've almost given up on it as it was making sound only on one pad (c3). This fixed it.
Kostas Apr 15 2021
Apr 15 2021
Thanks !!! it works !!!
Bro Jan 16 2023
Jan 16 2023
Thanks this worked! I was losing my mind
senna Feb 26 2023
Feb 26 2023
LOL, awesome fix, havent tried yet, you guys made me laugh hard, lets do this
USD Tiger Jun 14 2020
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Jun 14 2020
For the Cakewalk (Sonar) Users. if you think this doesn't work (only work with C3 (only one sound)), you should check "Top Menu" > "Insert" > "Sofe Synth" > Find and check "Drum Troop" > Opening the Option Box > "Creat These Tracks" > "All Synth Audio Outputs : Streo" > Check the left box. For Koreans : 만약 소리가 안나신다면 악기를 선택하시는 "Insert solt synth options"창에서 "All Synth Audio Outputs : Streo"의 체크를 해 주셔야 소리가 납니다. (트랙 수가 악기수와 같아야 함)
MonkaRee Nov 26 2020
Nov 26 2020
A fellow Cakewalk user!
Franck 62610 May 05 2020
May 05 2020
Hello, when il load the vst in fl studio 20 or cubase. I have a message " cannot find any instruments" What can I do ? Thanks
MonkaSucc May 22 2020
May 22 2020
try opening the vst folder for fl studio then extract the .zip file there
Robert Davis May 01 2020
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May 01 2020
Hy thanks for sharing this
Anslem Mar 17 2020
(5 / 5)
Mar 17 2020
Great plug-in wow ! this is my first comment here truly this sh*t is so cool
Anonymous Feb 02 2020
Feb 02 2020
C3 only on Cakewalk. Any help would be much appreciated
Mal Feb 28 2020
Feb 28 2020
I had the same problem with band lab the first 1:40 helped me fix that issue. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WxsmrovqoOc
martinis Jan 20 2020
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Jan 20 2020
hey using Cubase. I had the same problem with only one sound on C3. I uploaded two screenshots of buttons needed to be pressed :) The plugin itself is great! https://ibb.co/Rz7TByh - https://ibb.co/hsn4Ft5 . Cheers, martin
Cubase Nov 30 2021
Nov 30 2021
Thank you :)
Anonymous Jan 20 2020
Jan 20 2020
No sound in Reaper on midi tracks. How do I fix this? Thx
Paul Jan 20 2020
Jan 20 2020
Not sure if I'm doing something wrong. README says it's basically plug and play but only C3 has a drum sample.
Adán López Jan 05 2020
Jan 05 2020
Hi everyone, i downloaded the plugin and install paste in the vst plugin, but my cubase 5 can't detect the VST, but i have a lot of other VST's. What i doing wrong?
Anonymous Dec 27 2019
Dec 27 2019
hi i download this one can someone explain to me why in logic pro 9 i only hear c :(
Fred May 31 2021
May 31 2021
Bob Angelo Sept 22 2019
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Sept 22 2019
It is "free" in the sense that the program is free and some of the libraries are free... but you cannot load your own samples !!! It uses a proprietary format... so that you go and buy their libraries. This program should not be listed in VST4Free !
chris Feb 21 2020
Feb 21 2020
you get a FREE program with 20 FREE kits, so it IS free you...
Keshav Sept 06 2019
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Sept 06 2019
Sounds are just amazing. First time user and will definitely be a long time user. :-) I'm trying this vst with CANTABILE LITE 3 and it works flawlessly. One common problem was that only 1st sound was getting played, i do not know about others but in Cantabile_Lite_3, RightClick on opened vst, Select "Enable MIDI Passthrough Port" and connect all 16 channels to your output on right side. Now all sounds are working fine :-)
Suso May 24 2019
May 24 2019
Same problem here, I can only hear kick C3, with cubase and I do not know how to create more ouputs, any help?
David Jun 22 2019
Jun 22 2019
When you choose DrumTroop in your VST Instruments box... there a little right pointing arrow... if you click that and select All Outputs... the VST will create 16 separate tracks in your mixer (one for each sound in your "kit"). Then you can change EQ, volume, compression, reverb etc. for each individual sound. Happy drumming!
gangsta shadow Jan 20 2020
Jan 20 2020
Thanks got Cubase working had same kick C3 problem cool sounds great
Iwah Mar 14 2019
Mar 14 2019
Ok for Ableton I found the solution for multi output settings. Follow this link... https://help.ableton.com/hc/en-us/articles/209773065-Accessing-additional-audio-outputs-of-a-multi-out-VST-AU-plug-in
Ramone Feb 18 2019
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Feb 18 2019
Been using DRUM TROOP for 2 years now.People all ways ask me about my drums, were did i get the from.most of my tracks are drum troop.THANKS FOR THIS.
Anonymous Jan 01 2018
Jan 01 2018
I need some help. Anybody knows how to set all outputs in cubase. I only hear the first pad C3. With Ezdrummer I don't have this problem. Thanks!
SaulGoodman May 21 2017
May 21 2017
Solo funciona la tecla c3. Hay alguna soluciòn?
Karlos Aug 16 2017
Aug 16 2017
same problem here. C3. Great sound though.
bluepowder Oct 18 2016
Oct 18 2016
hmmh... the VST loads just fine but the presets are empty. any suggestions? the dll and instruments-folder are in the same VST-instruments folder on my machine, that should be correct, aye?
bluepowder Oct 18 2016
Oct 18 2016
The presets do show up now, but i only get sound from the first pad, mapped to c3. all other pads and their corresponding keys seem to be empty. what's going on? :D
Anonymous Oct 18 2016
Oct 18 2016
You hear only the 1st pad because your daw use by default only the 1st output. You have to setup the 16 outputs in your daw, check the manual if needed.
Alliston Apr 08 2016
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Apr 08 2016
hi I'm having problems installing my expansions into drum troop on my Mac. any suggestions?
uzi Jan 21 2016
Jan 21 2016
Any one knows if it's having round robin? Can you drop 4 samples of snare on one pad and it will play them one after the other? Thanks
Anonymous Jan 21 2016
Jan 21 2016
No, banks are fixed, you can't assign samples your own way. No round robin...
Ang Toro Oct 21 2015
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Oct 21 2015
Do not work correctly as Mac AU
Bryan Oct 21 2015
(5 / 5)
Oct 21 2015
Cheers from Ecuador. Really nice one!, Im so glad. Good vibrations for all people involved in giving this!
LEX Oct 19 2015
(5 / 5)
Oct 19 2015
Great plugin thanks for all your efforts.
Karma_tba Oct 17 2015
(5 / 5)
Oct 17 2015
This is an especially generous freebie.. but if you are willing to part with a few bucks(very few)the expansions take it to another level. The developer has put an awful lot of work into this tool that gives producers on a budget high quality access to many popular genres.