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Tromine is a Roland TR-606 style analog drum synth.
  • 9 sounds.
  • Bass drum (Tune, Decay, Pan, Level, Mute).
  • Snare drum (Low/High tom Tune, Decay, Noise, Pan, Level, Mute).
  • Closed/Pedal/Open hihat (Tune, Decay, Pan, Level, Mute).
  • Crash cymbal, Hand clap (Tune, Decay, Pan, Level, Mute).
  • 7 outputs.
  • Midi CC support.
  • Automation support.
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mnrv-ovrf-year-c Jul 25 2022
Jul 25 2022
WARNING: Do not attempt to use this plug-in and "Trokow" in OpenMPT, Plogue Bidule and a few other hosts. Both plug-ins have the same VST ID which causes the app to pick one or the other and it would bite the user's head off when he/she tries to load back his/her project. There's a "Tromine-GT" which makes both of these others unnecessary... all hits under one roof. It's the same problem with "Hexagon 85" and "SDX" by the same author. Uh, could use "VST.Intercept" for one of the DLL's but it's not recommended and might not work with all hosts.
Greenwood Aug 07 2016
(5 / 5)
Aug 07 2016
This combined with Tactile Sound's TS-808 sounds wicked, especially if you're looking for a retro b-boy sound.