by Viper ITB
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VeeSpringVerb is an amp spring reverb simulation.

The slider changes the ratio between wet and dry signals.
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Jim May 07 2022
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May 07 2022
This is just like my real amp's spring, amazing. Wish he made reverb as well that would be probably superb
cyber_T Jun 18 2020
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Jun 18 2020
It´s an excellent spring-type reverb VST, especially if you can´t afford the "S*ft*beSpring". Many, many thanks! I use it very often as an send/return effect: "VeeSpringVerb" to the max and then I insert a free vintage-style eq (e.g. "KuassaBasicQ") and distort this chain in a medium way (e.g. with the free "AudioDamageFuzz2). Yeah, that sounds really vintage...
Viper ITB Aug 02 2020
Aug 02 2020
Glad to hear that!
microbunny Aug 24 2019
Aug 24 2019
This works but only in the left channel for me. I'm using Cubase 10. I created a JBridged version of it. Too bad because it sounds great. Is there a fix for this?
Viper ITB Sept 29 2019
Sept 29 2019
This may be caused by the mono nature of the plugin. If you use it on mono source, try going for 0% width. In the meantime I will work on a stereo version - find me at, I will send you a new version as soon as I have it
Peter May 16 2019
(5 / 5)
May 16 2019
Doesn't have "boing" if that's what you're looking for but sounds like a regular reverb you'd find in an amp. I've tried some commercial ones, this one is way better.
Viper ITB Aug 22 2019
Aug 22 2019
Thank you! May it serve you well!
Peter Sept 19 2019
Sept 19 2019
My thanks go to you, it is a great reverb. One thing I didn't mention is how well it mixes with the original signal. It doesn't just sit on top of it, it mixes in like hardware does making it sound very natural.
Clipper Oct 23 2018
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Oct 23 2018
I've tried a lot of spring reverbs and this one is my favorite, by far. It's the only one I use and I use it all the time!
Viper ITB Mar 25 2019
Mar 25 2019
Wow, thank you so much!
John Sept 07 2017
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Sept 07 2017
It didn't produce any sound in Reaper for me.
Viper ITB Sept 12 2017
Sept 12 2017
I use it in Reaper. Interesting, find me on FB, we'll try to figure out what is going on on your end
John Nov 24 2017
Nov 24 2017
I've noticed your reply so downloaded it again, this time it works. Perhaps a conflict with another plugin before, not sure. Sounds to me like a long spring, not short one. Thanks
Joeribraams May 25 2017
May 25 2017
Sounds really nice, works great as a subtle amp-like reverb. Does eat quite a bit of CPU though (Studio One 2 x64 with Jbridge), although most spring reverbs do in my experience.
Klompje Sept 09 2016
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Sept 09 2016
I've been searching for a while for a good freeware spring reverb VST that doesn't consume massive amounts of CPU and it seems I've found it here! I use it for creating guitar amp type spring reverb.
Viper ITB Oct 21 2016
Oct 21 2016
May it serve you well! Thank you for your kind words :)
gvp Jun 22 2016
(5 / 5)
Jun 22 2016
Najlepsza darmowa emulacja reverbu spring ynowego.
Viper ITB Jul 04 2016
Jul 04 2016
Dziękuję! :)