Sonatina Timpani
by bigcat Instruments
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Win32 Win64 OSX
Sonatina Timpani is a sampled timpani from the Sonatina Orchestra public domain library.
dave Sep 08 2022
Sep 08 2022
Is the Mac versions 64bit? doesnt work for me. Using Ableton 11
eupho2052 Oct 24 2021
Oct 24 2021
Is it possible to load Sonatina Timpani into a Pyle Pro PTEDO 1 Drum pad ?
Martin garrix Apr 12 2020
Apr 12 2020
I always like to use sonatina plugins for my orchestral tracks like forever,mistakenv,etc.. i always like to use this... great work guyz
Veemoth Jan 20 2018
Jan 20 2018
All what i can say, that i appreciate your work and i am to take almost orchestral sound from Sonatina/big cat instruments a BIG thx you. I love your work and the sound of your instruments
Patrick Fleck Oct 16 2017
Oct 16 2017
Studio One will not load it.
hds Oct 06 2020
Oct 06 2020
I have the same isue... will not load in studio 1 v.4
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Jan 16 2017
So that's where they were all this time, I was searching everywhere with key words TIMBALS or TYMBALS, et encore TIMBALES but it was with TIMPANI I should have made my searches... So now I am happy, u definitly are z best for FREE VST my dear VST4FREE. THANKS SOOOO MUCH TO YOU FOR YOUR HARD WORK and easy site to surf
Anonymous Sept 02 2016
Sept 02 2016
bigcat instruments.. i LOVE YOU!!!!
MMC418 Jun 18 2016
(5 / 5)
Jun 18 2016
I love the sound of the sonatina samples! Specially when added some reverb and stereo effects, and then you equalize it. WOW.