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The OverToner is a distortion unit designed to expand the spectrum of your sound.

You have the choice between 13 overtoning functions. The expanded output signal could be processed with a two band analog approximated band pass filter. It is possible to activate/deactivate and parameterize each filter band independently. The filter sections and the distortion section provides its own dry/wet controller e.g. for parallel processing. All parameter settings could be stored and fast reloaded in one of four programmable user presets.
  • 3 independent analog approximated output filters.
  • 13 overtoning functions.
  • 4 programmable user presets.
  • dry/wet controllers for each section.
  • Smoothed controller fading.
PEYENCE Dec 12 2017
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Dec 12 2017
Hum... not working with Notion 6 neither Studio One 3...
Sammy Feb 27 2016
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Feb 27 2016
Damn... was running fine under cubase 6.. but now on cubase 8 some issues arrived.. when loading plugin only blank gui shows up.. all graphic card drivers updated... miss this plugin in my arsenal... no clue what else I could do... =(
Peter (Rebel-Audio) Feb 29 2016
Feb 29 2016
Hi Sammy, thank you for your feedback. We try to reproduce this issue with the cubase 8 trial version in the next few days. If you have more details you can also contact us directly - press overtoners i-button to get our EMail adress.
Peter (Rebel-Audio) Mar 03 2016
Mar 03 2016
Hi Sammy, we have tested the overtoner with cubase 8.0.1 (64 bit). Everything works fine on our setup. Any further details? Please contact us: vstInfo{at}rebel-audio.com. Additionally we will release a version with some bug fixes soon.
Peter (Rebel-Audio) Mar 18 2016
Mar 18 2016
We have published a bugfix release (2.01).
Anonymous Nov 04 2015
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Nov 04 2015
Wow! I just looking some distortion for experiments and this one is great, Thank you Rebel-audio! P.S. yea, maybe knobs not so easy to catch from first time, but hey, it's a freeware, there's no finance support exept donating... so, it's a realy cool thing for vary of way of use ;^)
Impossible to rate Aug 22 2015
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Aug 22 2015
Audio works brilliantly, saturation is good. But buttons flicker and vanish completely, after that UI is unreadable. Probably some exotic UI library in use? With stable UI this would be good for several uses.
Rebel-Audio Aug 23 2015
Aug 23 2015
Thank you for your positiv feedback! Sorry for the unstable UI - of course we have never observed such problems. It would be nice if you could help us to fix the problem: Which music studio do you use (overtoner is only tested with audio-mulch and muh-lab)? Do you use many other plugIns in your audio chain? Your Windows version? Your CPU? Thanks!
Anonymous Aug 23 2015
Aug 23 2015
I really like that Plugin, nice sounding but maybe you can re-new the lowpass-filter a little? It sounds soon so deep so it needs a little to handle that sound :) Anyway good work guys ;-)
Anonymous Aug 23 2015
Aug 23 2015
I use Reaper and a large number of other VSTs. Probably Win (7) and CPU (i5) are irrelevant, but display drivers are from nVidia. However, most NI and u-he products work well, so I suppose it is working setup...
Rebel-Audio Aug 24 2015
Aug 24 2015
Yes, the handling of the low-band-filter is a little bit tricky, but you can create very extreme/abnormal sounds. We think about a disarmed handling for the next release. UI: We try to reproduce the problem with Reaper.