Sonatina Choir
by bigcat Instruments
4.3 / 5     (36 votes)
Win32 Win64 OSX
Sonatina Choir is are sampled male and female choirs.

Samples were edited from the Sonatina Symphonic Orchestra sample library.

You can switch between 2 groups:
  • Ladies.
  • Men.
juan pedro Jan 31 2021
(5 / 5)
Jan 31 2021
Buenísimo, un buen y concienzudo trabajo
Alex Dec 17 2020
(5 / 5)
Dec 17 2020
Max Kozlov Nov 02 2020
(4 / 5)
Nov 02 2020
Wery well done!
yo Oct 19 2020
Oct 19 2020
Cela ne marche pas pour moi, déçu, alors que j'ai mis dans le bon dossier )=
Brito Daniel Sep 22 2020
(5 / 5)
Sep 22 2020
This is excellent, unzip the folder in the VST plugin folder. then it works.
Thinker Aug 21 2020
Aug 21 2020
Everything was revealed for me, but there is no sound, help who solved the same problem?
AV Jun 05 2020
(4 / 5)
Jun 05 2020
Is a quite ugly, but the sound is awesome
FL May 09 2020
May 09 2020
What's exactly the folder I should put plugin in? Extracted it to Program Files/ Steinberg/VST plugins but nothing worked. Can someone explain me step by step please?
kiid May 10 2020
May 10 2020
Depends what DAW your using. Usually you have to both scan for the vst and make sure your DAW has the file location or essentially the location you put your VSTs. Just remember to route your DAW to the folder in the settings, if your using FL studio you should go to manage plugins(options) then select your vst folder on the left hand side (In the directory w all the folder locations) or add your own folder if you like to stay organized like me and then click "find plugins' or alternatively labeled as "scan" then your plugins will show up under plugin data base<Effects-generators<installed
Helloworld Apr 22 2020
(5 / 5)
Apr 22 2020
Some may face a problem instruments found. For this extract the zip file directly to the vst folder. Do not extract first and then copy paste them in the vst folder. It won't work.
MOISES Apr 07 2020
(4 / 5)
Apr 07 2020
zayed ghareib Apr 04 2020
Apr 04 2020
this one is the best, thank you
Muhammet Ali Balcı Feb 22 2020
Feb 22 2020
Çok güzel plugin. Choir'lere zaafım var benim :D
Joshua Feb 14 2020
Feb 14 2020
When I open the plugin it says "Cannot find any instrument", do I have to install something additional, or what can i do?
Anonymous Feb 14 2020
Feb 14 2020
Copy the folder with the .mse file inside (instrument) along the .dll file. In fact, just extract the zip straight into your daw vst folder
Justin Feb 05 2020
Feb 05 2020
hey guys I'm having trouble put this vst on my fl studio on Mac, is there any way you guys can help me with that
Iñigo Apr 13 2020
Apr 13 2020
Tienes que pegar el VST .mse y el .dll de la carpeta en la carpeta de plugins de FL Studio. Refresca la lista de VST y te aparecen allí
samwave Jan 24 2020
(5 / 5)
Jan 24 2020
MiniMe Dec 24 2019
Dec 24 2019
Hey guys!! Sounds amazing!! How can I load it to Maize Sampler??
Johnd Nov 18 2019
(4 / 5)
Nov 18 2019
Awesome for free, actually sounds better then some paid kontact libs
M Aug 22 2019
Aug 22 2019
How do i get this into ableton live 10 standard downloaded the 64bit version for windows but I can’t seem to sync to Ableton
Rotxeh Rott Jun 26 2019
(4 / 5)
Jun 26 2019
ishmael makgobathe Jun 16 2019
(5 / 5)
Jun 16 2019
This plugin is perfect, I like it
Rockasaurus Mar 28 2019
Mar 28 2019
Amazing plugin! Works like a charm!
Kirifuda Mar 09 2019
Mar 09 2019
How can I put this in Mac's FL Studio 20? Having some difficulties.
Oliver Jan 31 2019
Jan 31 2019
It doesn't work on my Mac book pro:-( what can I do? I got the newest Mojave 10.14.2 update.
GigitoEQ Oct 28 2018
(5 / 5)
Oct 28 2018
This could be used perfectly as backing vocals!
Julie Aug 28 2018
Aug 28 2018
Best free VST I've ever downloaded. Sounds beautifully! Thank you so much.
ghioan Jul 11 2018
Jul 11 2018
can somebody tell me if sonatina choir works with makemusic finale? thanks!
cromes May 17 2018
(3 / 5)
May 17 2018
It works great but the ladies only section doesnt work properly only gives sound for a couple keys.
Jack and Junior May 11 2018
(5 / 5)
May 11 2018
Best Sound quality and best user interface
Javi May 05 2018
(3 / 5)
May 05 2018
I finally made it work for Cubase, and it is great
Feez The Deal Apr 28 2018
Apr 28 2018
Awesome!!!! I've been trying to get a good choir sound for scoring gigs and this is the closest thing to the real thing ever, with the right spacial and dynamic matching between the film's unique theme and you got yourself a winner, thank you very much you made a huge difference to my library.
Jerem Feb 15 2018
Feb 15 2018
Great sounds, thanks so much!
Laura Feb 11 2018
Feb 11 2018
I would love to here this however I can't get it working. I'm running XP (sp3) and tried acid and podium and this vst fails to load in both. (i've tried win 7 as well) If all else fails, i'll keep saving for a hardware rack synth.
HazeS3 Nov 09 2017
(4 / 5)
Nov 09 2017
Excellent Work !! Great Work for Free VSTi..Thank you!!
Sum Guy Nov 01 2017
(5 / 5)
Nov 01 2017
Bigcat did it again. THANKS. Been looking for something like this for a very long time.
Not perfect Sept 03 2017
(3 / 5)
Sept 03 2017
It's ok, but I don't like the way the sound comes in out of tune for the first fraction of a second. It makes harmonies sound messy. But the tone is good.
orbisong77 Aug 27 2017
Aug 27 2017
Doesn't work on windows XP ?
oneko Aug 13 2017
Aug 13 2017
Love it
Wulfensteinsson Jul 19 2017
(5 / 5)
Jul 19 2017
Great sounding choirs, with a bit of tweaking in the Attack/Release parameters and playing multiple voices simultaneously is nearly indistinguishable from a live choir. A heartfelt THANK YOU to Bigcat for releasing this awesome pluguin for Free!
Anto Jun 28 2017
(4 / 5)
Jun 28 2017
Great vst thanks very much!!
López May 08 2017
May 08 2017
Great instrument
epo Mar 12 2017
Mar 12 2017
Great backing vocals
Joe R Jan 04 2017
Jan 04 2017
Does not work on Cubase 9. Put it in plugs-in blacklist.
Humbucker Apr 28 2017
Apr 28 2017
Get the 64bit version. Newer Cubase versions only support 64bit plugins... :(
Vocalist Jan 04 2017
Jan 04 2017
Works well in Reaper! Thank you! However, when I try to use it as an instrument for Imitone - a voice to music sofware, it does not. Any ideas / suggestions to make it work with Imitone? Thanks
Julius Key Apr 08 2020
Apr 08 2020
How did you do it? When I try to use it, it says it cannot find any instruments. I´ve downloaded and extracted de mst file too onto the folder that REAPER picks up all de plug-in´s from, but still can´t make REAPER find the instruments.
Mateo C. Jan 04 2017
(5 / 5)
Jan 04 2017
Beautifully sounding plugin. The Sonatina series never fails to impress me.
DIICA Dec 17 2016
Dec 17 2016
It's really perfect, exactely what I hoped.
Akira Nov 18 2016
(5 / 5)
Nov 18 2016
emmanuelle Nov 18 2016
Nov 18 2016
Help. it says cannot find any instruments.
Anonymous Nov 18 2016
Nov 18 2016
Copy the entire "sonatina choir.instruments" folder along with the "sonatina choir.dll" file to your DAW's vst folder.
Martin Nov 17 2016
(5 / 5)
Nov 17 2016
Win 64 version works perfectly in Sonar - really impressive as a free plugin. Many thanks!
Doc Awk Nov 13 2016
(0 / 5)
Nov 13 2016
Bad .dll VST32 Downloaded 3 times now - SAVIhost error about not renaming savihost.exe to Sonatina Choir - 32 (except that I did rename it) Tried fallback procedure drag & drop .dll into savihost. Same failure. Checked download.
bigcat Sept 16 2016
Sept 16 2016
Here is a larger retry at the choir (v1.2). The first and default articulation is now both the male and female choirs together spanning almost 3 and 1/2 octaves. I also adjusted the keyboard so the first note is the lowest male note. Before the lower notes didn't make noise and I think this caused confusion.
Anon Sept 11 2016
Sept 11 2016
I installed the file as instructed but I hear no sound from it.
reese Sept 11 2016
Sept 11 2016
I installed it correctly left the .MSE file in its folder and the .dll file in my program files/reaper/FX as I do with all my plug ins. the virtual instrument pops up and I can see the midi file being played, I cannot hear it though, checked for mute/solo on tracks and volume just won't play audibly but I can see the keys being depressed on the Sonatina Keyboard... please help me
Anonymous Sept 06 2016
(5 / 5)
Sept 06 2016
Wow!!! And Free??? Wow!!! Thank you very, very much BC.
Dat boi Aug 10 2016
(4 / 5)
Aug 10 2016
This sounds very good but I wish you could extend the ranges in all directions even a half step or whole note, as well as the men, it stops at the F right before that very low E which many bass singers can sing and a note I need to use xD Great work tho! PS I think you should just allow most notes for male and female choirs even if they sound very bad, some people like to find weird interesting sounds and use it in some cases.
Ian Jul 27 2016
Jul 27 2016
Im trying to install this on mac but I'm getting really confused. Please help!!!
Sax Lover Jul 16 2016
(3 / 5)
Jul 16 2016
BigCat - this VSt is stunning.. beautiful sound from both the ladies and the men choirs. It would be great if the two could be combined, so that you could play both choirs at the same time (ie: men choir with left hand, women choir with right hand). love this one, thank you so much for creating it and sharing it.
Xavier H. Jul 17 2016
Jul 17 2016
You can... With Meta-Instruments :)
alexcasuela Jun 16 2016
Jun 16 2016
I don't know how install it in my mac, someone could speak to me how I have to do ?
klkl Jun 01 2016
(3 / 5)
Jun 01 2016
anybody tell me how to install this choir?
bigcat Jun 06 2016
Jun 06 2016
For the Windows versions you should just be able to download the 64/32 bit version that matches your DAW and unzip it in your VST directory. It will place one file in the VST directory and make a sub-folder with the actual sounds. I'm not a Mac guy, but I'm told it is similar for Macs.
Bonemeal Jack May 20 2016
(5 / 5)
May 20 2016
Sounds like Legend of Zelda material! Brilliant!
Dyla May 15 2016
May 15 2016
When I find awesome free vst like this, I want to make music even more.
evil May 03 2016
(5 / 5)
May 03 2016
Thank you for this. I think the plugin is gonna help me with my metal album which I produce with absolutely no budget at home! <3
Frank Mar 19 2016
(5 / 5)
Mar 19 2016
Thanks for sharing this beautiful plugin for free. I think it would be perfectly OK, if one has to pay a few dollars for it. So it is very generous to give it away. A lot of musicians who are on a small budged will be thankful :-)
Xavier H. Mar 12 2016
(4 / 5)
Mar 12 2016
Sounds great !!! Thanks Big Cat Instruments !!!
Sam.. Dec 06 2015
Dec 06 2015
Can anyone tell me where to put the .mse file or how we should open?
Anonymous Dec 06 2015
Dec 06 2015
Leave the .mse file in its folder along the .dll.
JJJ Oct 06 2016
Oct 06 2016
No: platform demand me a file named .FXP or .FXB. I't impossible to play the Vst
thor Oct 18 2015
(4 / 5)
Oct 18 2015
Very good VST, easy to install on Magix Samp Studio 16, impressive voices.
Subha Sept 23 2015
(4 / 5)
Sept 23 2015
Something beautiful.