Doppler Dome
by Aegean Music
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Win32 Win64 OSX
Doppler Dome is based on the Doppler effect.

The idea is to have a plugin that can take a constant car engine sound or something, and make it seem like the car speeds past you. Not just past you but it could do a circle near you, or accelerate then slow down.

It can be adjusted to have different levels for pan, volume, and pitch effects, so it can make the equivalent of a chorus, panner, tremolo, vibrato, etc, but with a totally flexible LFO / automation source.

The Blend control will mix the pitch effect with the dry signal, this is a bit like a chorus or modulated delay. The Pitch Scale knob determines how much pitch is affected, it can be turned off by setting it to zero. The Volume Scale Scale knob determines how much volume affected, based on distance. The Pan Scale Scale knob determines how much L/R position is affected, based on left and right position.

A MIDI not on message can be used to reset the path position and sync it with the audio or MIDI events.
ducker May 07 2021
(5 / 5)
May 07 2021
Perfect! I do some film sound design and although pitch shiting can get you the same results as this plugin, having absolute control over the subject and object location allows you to make any object path you desire accurately!
Risbjerg Jul 30 2020
(2 / 5)
Jul 30 2020
I do not think it works very well - the pitch effect is not very good or realistic in my ears.
Alex Sept 24 2016
(5 / 5)
Sept 24 2016
Absolutely incredible plugin. Highly recommend to anyone looking to add some really creative and almost analog sounding texture to your sound. I just threw in a single saw oscillator with an envelope and created some crazy unique super saw ish stuff. try it!
Anonymous Jan 25 2016
(5 / 5)
Jan 25 2016
Excellent !
R2d343drc Jan 01 2016
(5 / 5)
Jan 01 2016
This is great
zero Aug 23 2015
Aug 23 2015
Thank god someone made this. Makes Foley work a lot easier for ambient sounds at speed.
Tristan Jun 17 2015
(5 / 5)
Jun 17 2015
What a unique plugin, I bet you wont find anything quite like this and with that I recommend you to download it. The interface of drawing lines and curves gives you so much utility; and being able to effect pitch pan and volume proves to be a 'swiss army knife' of modulation plugins. Hats off to Aegean music for many hours of fun :)