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OC-D2 is an octaver plug-in that generates a signal one and/or two octaves below the original.

It's based on the popular Boss OC-2 pedal, but with many more features and customizability far beyond what other octavers offer. It's unique from the Boss and other pedals, and other octaver plug-ins, in that it offers:
  • Controls to all the typically fixed values for low-pass filters
  • Both on oscillator outputs (changes tone from full square wave to pure sine, or anywhere in between) as well as on the detection circuit (which can fine-tune the accuracy of the octave-divider's tracking).
  • Option for two modes of operation: additive oscillators or phase-multiplier. The additive mode simply mixes in the octave down signals (via user-adjustable levels and wet/dry balance), whereas the phase-multiplier mode flips the phase of the key signal, following the state of the selected oscillator.
  • In additive mode, dynamics for the oscillators can be controlled either by a noise gate or an envelope follower, both keyed off the input signal. In phase-multiplier mode, the full dynamics of the key signal are retained.
  • Polarity Multiplier has  two modes: A and B. Mode A (old version) flips the polarity of the key signal directly at the positive zero-crossings.  This abrupt change in direction causes additional harmonics, and results in a brassy tone (although can be filtered out).     Mode B is a more complex circuit, and a more accurate simulation of the original Boss OC-2 pedal.  A different version of a flipper circuit is used for this mode.  Here, the key signal is DC-offset so that negative peaks sit at zero amplitude.  The signal is then flipped in polarity when the peaks hit zero.  Since the peaks/crests of the sine(ish) waves of the filtered key signal slow their rate of change at the point where they begin to change direction, crossing at this point instead of at the quick zero-crossing of the original waveform results in smoother transitions with less harmonics.
  • A DC-offset switch corrects the input signal to improve tracking on rectified or offset signals.
  • A scope displays both the key signal and the output signal, so the use can see how the plug-in is operating, and help identify what controls need to be adjusted in order to track more accurately or produce the intended sound. Includes a "tuning" control to affect the zoom ratio.
  • "Listen" radio buttons allow the user to tap the audio at any stage to hear what's happening behind the scenes, and bypass certain sections if desired.
  • Many users of the Boss OC-2 pedal seek to add a hardware modification that disables the output filter and dynamics sections in order to produce a more synth-like tone. This plug-in has the capability to easily reproduce this mod, by adjusting only a few parameters. Included are some presets that run through the capabilities of the plug-in.
Rob Mar 23 2023
Mar 23 2023
Does anyone know if you can get CKYs sound from this, since Deron Miller uses an oc 2?? If so what settings would I use???
Gwugluud Feb 18 2023
(5 / 5)
Feb 18 2023
This is like a very tricked-out version of, of course, the Boss Octave pedals. Well done imo. The Boss pedals are known for not tracking perfectly, since they're analog. I think some here may be expecting this to behave like an Eventide rack, which is utterly unrelated to something like this. Apples/oranges.
Kollusion Dec 14 2021
(5 / 5)
Dec 14 2021
Really useful, & nice sounding. Thanks for this great freebie.
Anonymous Aug 09 2020
(5 / 5)
Aug 09 2020
I dont understand how could this get so low rating, this works well to me and also gives us so many options
absolutefunnyman (LMMS) Jun 06 2020
(4 / 5)
Jun 06 2020
I love this, thank you for this amazing plugin Chris!
Anonymous Mar 28 2020
(5 / 5)
Mar 28 2020
It DOES sound like my Boss OC-2!! Awesome!
Chris C. Dec 14 2019
(5 / 5)
Dec 14 2019
Nice! Sounds like the pedal that I have!! This will be fun and useful!
Alec May 28 2019
(5 / 5)
May 28 2019
I see bad comments here, but wanted to try because I wanted to find a octave effect with no glitching. Maybe older versions were worse, but I downloaded 1.4, and it works really good. And I also wanted to answer soichhabjens below, but I can not rate that way. I think he is not using filter switches on octaves. This makes them sound "fuzzy" and makes the knobs do not work and "useless". It also makes them sound more same to each other and it is harder to tell the Octave. Turn the switches on then knobs will work. I think soichhabjens is not knowing how to use it. Thank you for a good free vst.
soichhabjens May 19 2019
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May 19 2019
Too fuzzy. Useless features. Both octaves knobs do the same. Wrong choice for chord-like organ sounds.
Chris Hooker May 26 2019
May 26 2019
Hello soichhabjens, I'd love for you to elaborate on your findings, so I can help improve the OC-D2 in any way. While an octaver is not meant to make anything sound like an organ, it should not be generating fuzz, nor have I or others I have received reviews from found it to do so. Are you sure you are not distorting your playback system? The octave knobs control the volume of independent signal chains, and therefore definitely have different effects. Which features are you finding of no use? As I mention in the manual included in the download, feel free to contact me to discuss any issues, I'm happy to help.
Ka Jul 05 2020
Jul 05 2020
Seriously, I can't understand people like you. The developer makes an aaaawesome vst and he even put it for free (!). I don't use to comment... but god... Is called "kindness", use it, you will be much happier! If you don't like the vst, 2 options, don't say nothing or as Chris says, explain yourself, give some useful feedback and help him to improve it! PD: Thanks a lot for the vst. IMHO, is more interesting than the original boss pedal!
Martin Jul 21 2021
Jul 21 2021
Soichhabjens, If you are an FL Studio user it could be buffer size issues that can be easily fixed by turning on "use fixed size buffers (for buggy plugins)" option in the Compatibility Options of the Processing tab of the Wrapper settings.
Chris Hooker May 05 2019
May 05 2019
Octaver OC-D2 has been updated to version 1.3 in order to fix a bug that caused the preset manager to incorrectly recompile audio streams, and caused presets using Polarity Multiplier B mode to not produce sound.
Chris Hooker May 02 2019
(5 / 5)
May 02 2019
Version 1.2 now released. Improved tone and topology, more options, enabled vs disabled controls are now visually recognizable, an additional method of octave-signal generation closer to the original OC-2, smoother soft-saturation limiting, minor GUI enhancements, internal preset handling, and automation bug fixes. Feel free to email me directly with any feedback (email provided in documentation or on my website).
Kampfbrot Nov 12 2018
Nov 12 2018
What can I do when i just have Ableton Live 10? It's 64 bit but the OC-D2 just works on 32 bit.
wonderboy Jan 20 2019
Jan 20 2019
You can download a bridging software. Most popular one is called j bridge it's like 15$
Purple Nepenth�s Feb 09 2017
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Feb 09 2017
Maybe it's a great plug-in when you understand it but I've never been able to make any great sound with it, on each sound I tested it, it's always an awful larsen that I can't change into a simple low octave.. I'm about to ban it for something easier to use for my slim skills!
Anonymous Jun 20 2015
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Jun 20 2015
Buggy and useless in FL Studio 11. 0 stars.
Chris Hooker Oct 31 2015
Oct 31 2015
Please feel free to send me an email detailing what bugs you are encountering. Nothing will change if you can't elaborate and I am not seeing any bugs on my end.
Bass Face Chase Apr 19 2015
(5 / 5)
Apr 19 2015
Soooo cool to have control over tracking!!!! Lower the input filter for accuracy, raise it for Glitch City! You can make it sound like a clean octave lower than your guitar, or go all-out Nintendo-style! Why were these controls never available on any other pedals or plugins before???
k s a v HOME Mar 11 2015
(5 / 5)
Mar 11 2015
10000000 thanks 4 amazing plug
Gaius Octavius Feb 16 2015
(5 / 5)
Feb 16 2015
No bugs here on Win 8 and Sonar - seems to be working and sounding great! Cool subby or synthy character when in Osc Mix Mode, and nice natural tones with Phase Mult Mode. Don't know what Dellinger is talking about, but I'm even able to automate the parameters without any problems. Thanks for a cool plug!
Dellinger Feb 03 2015
(1 / 5)
Feb 03 2015
Nice idea, but too buggy at the moment. Tested on win / cubase 5
Chris Hooker Feb 09 2015
Feb 09 2015
I'd love to know what's buggy about it for you. Perhaps I can fix the problem(s). As I don't see them on my system though, I won't be able to address any issues you're having if I don't know what they are.