Drumper 1
by Syntler
3.3 / 5     (4 votes)
DRUMPER 1 is a Groove - beat box with non-standart control.

DRUMPER allows you to create drum beats in a short time, and it's very easy to use! A user can create two rhythmic patterns which can be mixed together or with preset rhythm patterns. DRUMPER simultaneously plays two drum kits (choice of 4 available). Their sound can be mixed and customized in many ways.
  • MIDI keyboard control.
  • 2 editable and 11 preset patterns.
  • 3 editable and 1 randomize variant for each pattern.
  • Wheel control of many parametrs.
  • Delay, fazer and repeat effects.
  • Accent line.
  • Open hat line.
  • 2 percussion lines.
  • Sd, hh, perc volume.
  • Full envelope.
  • 2 Lf oscilators with deep, speed, shape and sync control.
Pappa Neo Feb 14 2020
(0 / 5)
Feb 14 2020
This does not react to start stop messages from the sequencer, WHY???? That is like the one thing you can not skip. Uninstall after 2min.
R Latenko Jun 02 2020
Jun 02 2020
WHY? Because Drumper does not have a "song" mode and is not synchronized (like a song) with the host. No synthesizer starts playing as soon as you press "start" in the DAW sequencer if there is no MIDI information on the track. “Start” and “stop” for Drumper are recorded in the sequencer as a midi event, so that it starts and stops in the right places of the song. (we are talking about version 1.92)
music Jan 21 2015
(5 / 5)
Jan 21 2015
Amazing sounds....!!!!!!