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NoteMapper allows you to map MIDI notes to other notes.

Each incoming note can be mapped to up to 3 notes, even on different MIDI channels. This allows you to, for example, let one specific note trigger drum sounds in up to 3 different drum samplers. In addition, you can scale the note velocity, apply randomization to the velocity scaling, and set a note probability for each individual note.

This is useful for several purposes, for example for MIDI note conversions between different drumkits. You can also use it together with the step sequencers which can output MIDI notes, but will not let you change the MIDI output note numbers to drive other drum instruments. Or you can map the notes generated by the step sequencer to a melodic scale and send the MIDI data to a synth.

The velocity scaling and randomization allows you to create interesting variations if your destination instrument is set to respond to velocity. Create further randomization with the note probability setting.
  • Remap MIDI notes
  • Each note can be mapped to up to three notes
  • Can remap notes between all 16 MIDI channels
  • Filter out unwanted notes
  • Automatic melodic scale assignment
  • Adjust the incoming velocity by a specified percent
  • Randomize the velocity scaling
  • Set a note probability
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Firo LFO May 09 2020
(5 / 5)
May 09 2020
Randomizing incoming MIDI notes as well as the velocity and probability. I also use it for re-directing RPS-1 output to other drum machines. Lovely.
Nekro Dean Sept 01 2017
(5 / 5)
Sept 01 2017
Very useful utility plugin, It makes as for but one example using one track containing a MIDI drum track feeding multiple sampler/ROMpler plugins a breeze, Oppose to having to go in, Make a separate version of the initial drum MIDI track which needs to be edited to fit the various mapping that each sampler/ROMpler uses. I've found it really great with Toontrack's EZplayer Pro
jzet Dec 13 2016
(5 / 5)
Dec 13 2016
Very good and useful plugin. I was looking for something like this. This makes it much easier to remap each drum kit (for example from RPS1 to any typical drum set).
Ezion Aug 10 2015
(5 / 5)
Aug 10 2015
This is very use full in combination with a step sequencer. There are 2 applications in this context. 1) Auto harmonise a monophonic line. 2) When transposing a sequence you automatically change key. This is not always what you want. Simply map notes that are "outside" the key of your tune to notes that are "inside" the key. For example if your pattern is in the key Cm and you transpose to "F" the "e-flat" becomes a "a-flat" so map it like "a-flat -> a" and your back in key.
Excellent Dec 28 2014
(5 / 5)
Dec 28 2014
Now you can show off with your keyboard skills without practising; just program enough chords... :) Very handy, cool UI. Maybe more than 3 notes at a time might be needed, but this way the UI is more manageable. Nice one.